By Alvin Engelke

There will be a benefit auction Saturday, December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day) starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. In addition to Christmas items there will be tools, knick knacks, pepperoni and yummy cheese. While checking out the grab bags and trying on the 50/50 one can hear the tall tales about all the wily bucks with the big, big antlers [that got away, of course.] Proceeds go to maintain the Community Building.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell & family were visiting relatives up in Ohio. They reported snow on the way back from the Buckeye State. The local area received a light dusting, perhaps enough to track critters where the sun didn't shine and melt it off.

Several area residents harvested some of the DNR's venison although it would seem that the population has hardly been dented. The Annamoriah Cowpoke, who now resides in North Carolina, returned to thin the critters and harvest a trophy buck. The Cowpoke was visiting area relatives and friends.

It was reported that the game wardens were busy in the Creston area hauling in spot lighters and trying to keep up with those who were causing commotions.

Roger Graham and associates were visiting Dorothy and Paul Edward Graham. It was reported that they did well.

Veronica and Bill Naggy of Wooster Ohio, Cooter Marks and Kenny Jett of Burning Springs attended the funeral of their Uncle Pete Wayne (Muckelwain) Jr. in Zanesville, Ohio.

It was reported that a deer hunter from southern West Virginia died at a hunting cabin on the former "Wig" Smith place on Conley Fork.

Linda McFarland, age 55, passed away. They lived on part of the former Milliard Fillmore Simmons farm on the ridge at the head of Beaver Dam.

Longtime Grantsville resident Mable Bennett, age 94, passed away. She was a daughter of Frank Connolly.

Raymond C. Criss, age 81, died in Vienna. He was a son of the late Mc Criss of the Brooksville section.

J. P., R. P., A. C. & Lois Marks all participated in the Eagle Scout ceremony with Zach Brady & Adam Cheeseman as the honorees.

There was a community Thanksgiving gathering at the Creston Community Building. Some who came would not have, otherwise, had anyone with which to share the special day.

The price of local Penn grade crude rose to $23.50/bbl. Some Wirt County natural gas sold for $4.03/MCF while some Calhoun County gas only fetched sixty cents.

There has been lots of argument about how the nation's economy is doing. Must not be too bad since Wally World chalked up $1.43 billion in sales the day after Thanksgiving. Some local women did their part.

Anna Engelke was home from her studies at Fairmont State College for the Holiday. Fritzina and Wilbur also came to visit but the latter hid for a day behind the water heater.

Debbie & JB Griffin and Dixie were among those calling on Aunt Verda at her Millstone residence over Thanksgiving. JB and Aunt Verda were attending to business in Spencer.

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