Recorded from The Calhoun Chronicle by Norma Knotts Shaffer:

EMBARRASSING - One night last week Wm. Hosey of Grantsville started home with a jug of oil and a basket of eggs.

In front of the Central Hotel he fell and broke his jug, but saved his basket of eggs unharmed.

Proceeding in the direction of home only a short distance he fell again and broke the entire basket of eggs.

Billy has been keeping the matter a great secret since, but by accident it leaked out.

WIRT SHOOTING - Tom Haggerty and Bruce Wiseman, son of Wirt County Sheriff Wiseman, quarreled at Elizabeth one day last week, which resulted in Wiseman pulling a gun and firing two shots, both of which took effect.

One was in Haggerty's hand and the other about an inch below his eye. At this writing Haggerty is still living and Wiseman is in jail. Both men were drinking at the time of the trouble.

DR. DYES HOUSE BURNS - When the fire alarm was sounded in our little town last Wednesday night, it was soon discovered that the fire was in the residence of Dr. Dye on Main street.

It had not been discovered soon enough to save the building, but brave men rushed into its several apartments and succeeded in getting out nearly every article of value.

The house was valued at about $800 and was insured for $600.

MILLSTONE SQUABBLE - A four cornered fight at Millstone one evening last week was one of the interesting topics of conversation.

It happened to be a kind of family fight in which old man Dillman and his wife, A. O'Donald and the faithful old dog Scott participated.

According to our informants, Dillman was the aggressor. O'Donald acted in the defensive and Mrs. Dillman and the dog were trying to make peace, but they seemed to misunderstand each other as the dog bit and gave her a dangerous wound.

The screams of the woman while the fight was on attracted the attention of Squire Keith, who lives some distance below the O'Donald residence, and he deputized F.N. Hays to go up and quell the disturbance and arrest the guilty parties, which he did. It was necessary to call a physician to attend to Mrs. D. Further.

CONFEDERATE GROUP ORGANIZED - As per call heretofore published in this paper quite a number of the ex-Confederate soldiers of Calhoun county met at an office in the court house last Saturday and organized a Post to be known as the Geo. Gibson Post, in honor of Lieutenant Geo. Gipson, of Altizer. H.A. Ferrell was chosen commander, G.W. Maze Lieutenant Commander, and G.G. Stump Adjutant.

The time and place of meeting has not yet been fixed.

CHILD SAVED FROM DROWNING - Two small boats collided here last Saturday evening, which came very near costing the life of little Russel, son of A.R. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson and son, Fred, were coming to this side with a boat and little Russel got in another boat and started to meet them, and did without their seeing him, and when the boats came together Russel fell out in deep water.

This frightened the woman and boy in the boat until they were wholly unable to render any assistance or help the boy out.

Jesse Scott happened along and without hesitating jumped in the river and swam to the boy just as he was sinking to rise no more.

He was perfectly limber and apparently drowned when taken from the water, but after working with him for some time he came around all right.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE - Clayton T. Stump, postmaster at Staten, went up into Clay county a few days ago and brought home with him one of Clay's blushing maids, which he is now pleased to call his wife.

The courtship and wedding was a short romance, they never having met until a day or two before marriage.

They had been corresponding for some time and had exchanged pictures. We wish them a happy voyage down the stream of time.

1897 EARTHQUAKE - An earthquake shock was very perceptibly felt here last Monday.

A general inquiry, "did you feel the shock?" went the rounds.

The little shaking the earth got the other day reminds us that we are liable to be swallowed up any time.

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