By Alvin Engelke

While trailers were flipped over near Ravenswood and many were killed elsewhere in the country the local area was not completely spared from the winds and tornados the other evening. The bulk of the damage was done on the old W. T. Petty farm along W. Va. 5. Many large trees were blown down and outbuildings, roofs, porches, etc. were destroyed. There was no report of injury and no trees fell on houses although at least one family had, or should have had, a real scare.

A big crowd was on hand for the benefit for Janet Jett & Sandra Ashby. There was lots of fine food to eat and some excellent music. DOH employee Dare McCumbers was in rare form as he played and sang about the killing that goes on in the abortion parlours.

Ray Cunningham is home after a stay in a Parkersburg hospital. He is some better.

Peggy Tenbarge has been on the sick list and missed church.

Jack & Helen Nutter are now great grand parents. Granddaughter Nicole (& husband Adam) Davis gave birth October 23 to a 7 lb 3 oz baby boy named Jacob down in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Hayley & John Paugh new residence is scheduled to arrive Wednesday. They will be new residents on Creston Heights and, of course, they are welcomed to the Creston Community.

Jane, Anna & Nancy Engelke spent the weekend at Flatwoods for the Miss W. Va. contest.

M. C. "Sleepy" Mills who formerly worked at the state road garage before going off to law school has accepted employment with the U. S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. "Sleepy" now has an apartment on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn and is excited about his new job. It probably won't be long before he puts Mark Rich and other high profile crooks in the super max.

Speaking of crooks, there was a big bust the other night on the road going to Lock No. 5. Seems some would be chemists were operating a meth lab. The reactions when the brew is "cooked" make toxic substances causing the locations to be hazardous waste sites that require specialized (& expensive) cleanup.

Former Gov. Wally Barron passed away. Many remember the ubiquitous "Wally barrels" and the 10% charged on all business done with the state. Judging from the headlines down at the Mouth of Elk River things haven't changed much. G. A. McClung and his buddy "Pork Chop" Booth have been exposed on a school furniture deal, an expensive new high school and maintenance contracts involving National Equity and Specialty Underwriters that apply to all state agencies. The push for school consolidation seems to have helped these fellows while punishing the scholars who were hauled to the consolidated schools.

Roane County is going to lose its county extension agent as WVU dashes to get away from their land grant obligations to search for more glamourous venues such as New Age health clinics and making the state safe for long wall mining, New Jersey (and international) garbage and Army Corps of Engineers projects to export our water to Columbus, Boston and Washington, D. C.

Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Arthur were attending to business in Grantsville.

Dominion has been working on their Hastings stripping plant (profit center) at Pine Grove in Wetzel County. Thus, most local gas wells have been shut in. While the shut in was to "be just for a few days" the time has been extended. Now, Eastern American is going to have their compressor down. The price local gas fetched was $3.31 while the price of local Penn grade crude is now $22.00.

It was learned that Columbia Natural Resources is going to do some 3-D (three dimensional) seismic work near Gandeeville. Some landowners are upset about all the drilling and shooting, especially near home sites, wells and springs. 3-D seismic will allow for the better analysis and shape determination of deep pay zones. Also it was reported that Columbia's Garrison Tawney well, that had been doing poorly after "some experiments" has significantly recovered and production is up.

Martin Twist's Hoff well, situate at the head of Shaver, is now said to be producing about 200 MCF/day after some work being done. While this is not very much for a Trenton/Black River well it isn't a duster.

Geo Star, a Canadian company, is seriously contemplating a Trenton/Black River well in the area.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell & Amy Nicole were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Albert "Bub" Ferrell on the occasion of Levi's birthday party.

Nancy June Hall is visiting her son out in Nevada for a few weeks.

John and Sharon Edman, Ding Altizer, John and Debbie Griffin and Dixie were among those recently calling on Aunt Verda at her Millstone residence. Ruby Skidmore and daughter Sheila called on the occasion of her birthday.

Jethro Bodine was helping Uncle Jed with the installation of a new heater in the living room. Hardware stores are said to do well when the duo is plumbing.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. and Cap'n Spock were attending to business in Cairo. They didn't report seeing any suspicious looking folks with diapers wrapped around their heads riding camels.

H. D. "Abe" Dooley was attending to business in Grantsville.

Possum and Wendy Hacker were attending to business in Elizabeth.

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