By Alvin Engelke

There will be an old time sing at the Creston Community Building on Saturday, November 9, starting at 6 P. M. All singers, musicians & the public are invited for an evening of good entertainment, jamming, visiting, etc.

There will be a pastor parish relations committee meeting Thursday, November 7 starting at 7 P. M. at the Burning Springs M. E. church. All those who attend any of the rural Methodist churches in Wirt County are urged to attend.

Mrs. Lewis Jones won the Middleton doll at the Creston auction Saturday night. A good crowd was on hand to pick up bargains, etc. A good crowd was on hand the evening of October 29 for the Creston Community business meeting. It was decided to hold a sing on Nov. 9 and a deer hunter's dinner from 4 P. M. til 9 P. M. on the opening day of deer season. Several long range plans were discussed and a review of completed projects was done. President Eddie Norman chaired the meeting.

Local residents watched the video on how to do highway litter pickup Friday night and Sunday afternoon a group of hardy volunteers spent 3 ½ hours cleaning up 2 miles of W. Va. 5 at Creston. They gathered up 30 bags of trash along with a 'used' tire, a big cushion and some "very scrap" building materials. A good time was had visiting while doing the work. One woman noted that "she had always dreamed of spending beautiful sun shiny days picking up other people's trash". After the work was done the workers were treated to sandwiches, cookies, coffee and carbonated beverages.

Jacques Frost paid a business call in Creston Friday and Saturday nights. This was the first killing frost for the area and right off it would seem to be a record for being so late.

Jim Matheny and Gail Ward were attending to business down on the old Petty place Sunday afternoon.

Older Sis, it was learned, had mechanical difficulties at work the other day and needed help. Seems Bev, Bev, Karen, Teresa, Shirley, Lyn, Sharon, etc. could not help and Dave was finally called to assist with his handy pliers but then it was learned that other problems arose. For details one can contact any of the "three" sisters.

Alvin Engelke was among the 9,000 down at the Mouth of Elk River who heard the President of the United States give a rousing speech Thursday evening. Everyone who listened got the message, especially as it concerned the enemies of America. The language he used was polite and nice but the key parts could be restated in explicit language that any outlaw anywhere would comprehend. Others made Halloween jokes about the fellow with the big face and lots of money who tries to scare people.

The local congresswoman, Shirley Moore Capito, was scheduled to speak in Elizabeth Saturday evening but she couldn't come so the folks there got to visit with her parents and hear a talk by her father, the popular former governor who received a standing O. He told a story about a fellow being injured during World War II and left for dead on the battlefield for 11 hours until being rescued by the late Dr. R. W. Coplin of Elizabeth. He also noted that the four fellows who were calling for "unity" couldn't stand each other and have such a poor working relationship "that they couldn't all agree to go to the bathroom together".

The price of local crude oil is now $23.50/bbl or 55 cents/gallon. Of course local crude is not routinely used to make cheap products like gasoline, diesel, etc.

It was learned that Columbia drilled another good shale well on Elk River in Clay County and that plans are in the works for three dimensional seismic work in Roane County.

Those in the armed services have been getting orders to ship out to various "scenic sections" of the globe. One might assume that a few cans of "Whoopass" are being prepared for some of our favorite purveyors of nastiness. The president noted, "We'll hunt 'em down, one at a time and "bring them to justice". No doubt the lucky ones will get to vacation in the facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Gary Bailey was calling on folks in the Creston area.

Dale Schrader and several others were rabbit hunting on Saturday. Several have been hunting deer with bows & arrows. Deer out on Davidson Ridge have nasty growths on them.

Jim Bush noted that he had most of his corn picked and did not loose too much to the deer.

It was learned that Ray Boggs who worked for the state forestry division retired. He had spent a lot of time in the Creston area, especially at the late R. R. Lynch residence.

Some local residents who have been following the homicides, etc. relating to the drug traffic at the headwaters of the West Fork and over the hill on southern drainages are concerned. It always seems that such matters tend to spread and impact on innocent bystanders who neither use, grow nor manufacture illicit substances.

C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. has returned from Florida and presently is down in Wood County.

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