By Alvin Engelke

The Creston area received some more much needed rain. Now there is actually mud and soft ground, something that has been a rarity for some time.

Janet Jett, who underwent brain surgery, is recuperating at Health South's Western Hills facility near Parkersburg.

Carl Ferrell went to check on a well Sunday afternoon and took the oil field truck to Parkersburg where it died. He was obliged to find an alternator to get back home.

Anthony Cox and Keith Collins spent the weekend at the Cedar Point amusement park at Sandusky, Ohio. Wilbur spent the weekend with Fritzina who had an $80 professional visit with her veterinarian.

Cap'n Spock was calling on Don Lockhart at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Tim Cox and children. Don formerly resided at the mouth of Vincent's Run adjacent to Lock #5.

It was learned that Anadarko Petroleum Corp. of Houston, Texas is contemplating participating in an enhanced oil recovery project in Roane County with Buffalo Properties. At present Anadarko is involved in a project in Wyoming that will be using 125 million cubic feet/day of carbon dioxide. The governor of Wyoming noted that the EOR project in his state would provide high quality, high paying jobs and enhance long term state revenues. The Wyoming project will increase oil production seven fold in the treated field.

Rod Lynch has been doing some work on the S. R. Lynch residence. Rain slowed down the painting progress just like it did with the roof on the Creston Community Building although almost all the outside woodwork is completed.

Some local residents attended the food handler's class in Elizabeth.

Josemite Sam and C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. were out and about searching for some rims, tires, etc. for Sam's new (to him) shovrolet truck (cough, gasp, choke). It seems that a previous owner had loaded all four rear tires with calcium chloride solution to provide additional traction. Trouble is, the iron oxides that were induced rendered some of he rims unusable. One local yokel noted that Fords don't need extra measures for traction and power as those are qualities that come natural to them. Josemite Sam was called back to his employment at Alfab.

Anna Engelke recently had lunch with Rev. Paul Rebelo who formerly preached at the M. E. church in Elizabeth.

The price of local crude is $26/bbl or about where it has been for some time. The anti war folks had been saying oil would reach $100 but perhaps with the terror in the Philippines, in Bali and the obviously terrorist based gunman in the D. C. area the "peace in our time" folks will be relegated to their proper place - perhaps a test site for North Korea's nuclear bombs which were financed by the prior U. S. president in search for a No Bull Peace Prize. His wife was given a role model award by a gay and lesbian group in Florida, recently.

It was reported that bow hunters have harvested several of the DNR's surplus deer. At one local residence it was noted that it would be like gigging fish in a barrel. One fellow read where a bow hunter saw someone stealing his car and he stopped him for good - nothing like one doing his civic duty and saving the taxpayers a big board bill at one of the fancy facilities.

Volunteers are needed to help build the handicapped ramp at the Burning Springs M. E. church. Willing workers are urged to contact Joe Cunningham who has extensive supervisory experience.

Wirt County High School's Tiger Marching Band participated in band competition at Summersville on Saturday. They placed sixth overall and second in their class. The field was wet, however, and the host school wouldn't allow marching for fear of stirring up a little mud.

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