By Alvin Engelke

The Creston Community Christmas party will be Saturday, December 13 at the Creston Community Building with folks asked to bring a covered dish. One should call either Rosalie White or Connie Boggs to coordinate matters so that there are not a dozen of certain dishes and none of others that would be appropriated. It is reported that a certain jolly fellow from the polar regions will arrive to bring presents to the good little boys & girls.

A big crowd was on hand for the Creston auction with the next one scheduled for Friday, January 2, 2015, starting at 6 P. M.

The local area received rain and some local roads were blocked with high water.

Terry Arthur's house burned to the ground the other evening. The residence was located on Big Run, a branch of Little Creek and it was felt that there was a problem with the stove pipe. The opening day of deer season there was a brush fire on Goose Nest caused by a broken electric line. The Roane County VFD assisted the Calhoun crew as the Wirt firemen were busy over on old US 21.

The general report is that deer season was a bust even though there is a surplus of the DNR's nuisance beasts. Bad weather and a bumper crop of acorns are the main reasons/excuses for unlucky hunters. Sort of reminds one of the definition of vegetarian -- an old Indian word for bad hunter.

Several area residents attended the special Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner at the Miletree Center in Spencer. Frankie Mowrey was able to recognize one Creston resident that was not a family member.

Charles Russell was consulting with his podiatrist one day last week.

Ercel D. "Pete" Phillips, age 80, passed away at the Camden Clark Hospital. A former Deever's Fork resident he was an old time timberman and saw mill man. There will be no services.

Curtis B. Smith, age 85, passed away in Lexington, North Carolina. He was the husband of the former Bethel Jane McClung, daughter of Tilden & Carrie Hopkins McClung.

Steve Loudin is coming up in the world as he now has a fine shiny new motorcycle. He was attending to business the other day in Elizabeth.

Johnna Heater who now lives at 3666 Secrest Road, Apt. 4 in Wooster Ohio 44691-8954 noted that she was recovering from a recent heart attack and wouldn't be able to send cards to all her friends so she wanted to tell all her friends in Wirt County, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year". She also noted that earlier in the year she had a round with cancer but she noted that she was now "a cancer survivor".

Paris Parsons is having trouble with one of his thumbnails.

Edith Kittle's roommate Gladys Cain continues to be on the mend.

Under the Big Eared One's amnesty program for illegal aliens employers will not have to provide healthcare which gives an advantage for not hiring American citizens. Over at Spencer the power company has brought in a new firm with all alien workers and they are to stay in Roane County for the next five years. Some of the RINO republicans, like little Jebbie Bush, Sen. McVain, Mitt Romney are in cahoots with the Big Eared One & are for the illegals. Apparently they too didn't get the message in the November election. In the local situation the taxpayers will, no doubt, be expected to provide "free" healthcare to the illegals and their families.

The leader of the riots in Ferguson Missouri has relocated to New York to stir up more trouble there. Since he is a graduate of Bowdoin College he cannot be considered "poor & downtrodden". Some note that part of the reason for the troubles is to give an excuse for the federal government, via "consent decrees or orders" to take over and run local police departments and they make them part of the "civilian army" Dear Leader spoke about some years ago. In Missouri the Homeland Security police were on hand but the media were told not to show them to the viewing public.

The little Unger boy's tank bill continues to be a hot item and with a new emphasis on energy in the 2015 legislature, down at the Mouth of the Elk, action is expected and it has been noted that vetoes by Earl Ray, likely at the behest of the Manchin family, will be over ridden.

Mother Hope (Dominion) is going to export LNG (liquefied natural gas) to India and Japan from the Cove Point Maryland facility. Cabot Oil & Gas (the dry hole guys to hear them tell it) and Antero have signed long term contracts to provide the gas from the Marcellus, Utica and likely the Rogersville shales from West Virginia which is in the heart of the largest oil & gas field on the planet.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude fell to $64.84/bbl. with Appalachian Light Sweet (drip) fetchling only $41.84 while Marcellus & Utica light was $58.84 and medium $64.84/bbl. These prices reflect the attempt be the Arabs to shut down the Athabasca tar sands oil production in Canada and the shale production in America. It was said that the Arabs intend to flood the market for two years which would put out of business those who were competition to them. Speaking of oil, it was reported that the Big Eared One's buddy Warren Buffett makes $30/bbl for the crude he hauls on his private railroad (Burlington Northern) which amounts to $2 billion/month. That can purchase a large amount of "environmental outrage" and politicians to stop pipeline projects.

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