By Alvin Engelke

Gail Ford & Tina Forshey were the singers at the Creston sing held on October 12. There were several competing events but another sing is planned. Ruby Sutton held on to her title as "Ugly Woman" and Albert "Bub" Ferrell beat out Rod Lynch for the handsome man contest. However, Rod did win the ugly man contest while Donna Sue Ferrell won the pretty woman contest.

Several area residents attended the Black Walnut Festival at Spencer.

Emma, Lindsey and Chris Miller attended a reenactment at the Tu Endi We monument at Point Pleasant. They got to visit various notables that were there for the occasion including Chief Cornplanter, Molly Pitcher, Mad Ann Bailey and Gen. George Washington.

C. Romeo Griffin, Sr. & Benji have returned to Kissimmee Florida where C. Romeo Sr. consulted with his optometrist and ordered new spectacles.

The Creston area received some more rain which has given new life to grass that had earlier turned brown.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. There were 24 on hand for preaching.

The Burning Springs Space Dock's cyber communications system is up & running again courtesy of Ed Wagaman of E. & J Electronics of Davidson Ridge. A power spike (complements of our modern electrical grid) and a virus had rendered it inoperable. Cap'n Spock was glad to be back in cyberspace again.

On the way back home from Gladys Martin's funeral in Florida the South Carolina Highway Patrol determined that Alvin Engelke was cruising at an excess speed. He was obliged to make a contribution to keep the court system functioning in that state.

There continues to be lots of election talk locally. While some of the blowhards in Congress don't act like there is a war going on some folks around D. C. know better (thanks to the shooter) and the Australians were sent a message from our rag headed "friends". On the state level many have concerns about "Amendment One" which would allow for private condemnation of property in the name of "economic development".

Jack dePue has been working on a fence project on his farm at Creston.

Euell H. Russell went with the senior citizens on a trip to the Gettysburg battlefield and environs.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. & Dalton, J. P., R. P. & A. C. Marks were among those calling on Aunt Debbie, Uncle John & Dixie. Dalton seems to enjoy playing ball with Dixie.

Janet Jett is slowly recovering after undergoing brain surgery at a Parkersburg hospital.

NISOURCE announced that they would be selling off Columbia Natural Resources, Inc. which is one of the largest oil and gas operations in West Virginia. CNR has the majority of the Trenton/Black River wells in the state along with countless shale and older Big Injun wells, many dating from the first part of the 20th century. It was reported that Triana, the company formed by the former CNR top level employees, was contemplating buying the company. Last week CNR did a 5 stage frac on the new shale well drilled near the Parker deep well.

Allegheny Energy which supplies both electric and gas service to the local area announced that they had defaulted on some of their financial obligations. The company's stock fell to new lows as well. Some of their problems were said to be related to "energy trading" but years ago when utilities were guaranteed a profit regardless, the company built some huge inefficient power plants which would now be a drag in a "real" business world. Allegheny also purchases natural gas from area producers.

Speaking of stock prices, some area residents have noted that the price of Dominion stock has been setting records on the low end lately. Some have suggested that Dominion would purchase the gas utility operations of Allegheny in the area. Some allow that all this is the doing of the Rockefeller family which was noted recently with the issuance of a stamp with the picture of Ida May Tarbell who wrote The History of the Standard Oil Company, a must read for all West Virginians and those who might deal with "the family".

The price of local crude oil is now $25.50 while some natural gas fetched $2.91/MCF.

The annual meeting of the Wirt County Farm Bureau will be held Tuesday, October 22 at 6:30 P. M. at the cafeteria at the High School in Elizabeth. All members, family and friends are urged to attend and bring a covered dish. The county farm bureau will furnish ham and turkey.

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