By Alvin Engelke

Pastor Rick Williams brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church as Rev. Keith Belt had gone to Cleveland to attend his niece's wedding.

There will be an auction Friday, September 19, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Col Dobbins from the Morrison Ridge section up near Sutton will have the sale.

Longtime auctioneer Bobby Ray Starcher who lives in Oil City, Pennsylvania is not doing well at all. He has had health problems for some time.

Gay Park reported that the mercury dropped to the high 30s on Burning Springs Run, Sunday morning. Pauline Brumfield & daughters went camping up in the mountains and quite likely they woke up with frost. Lord Moncton, a highly respected British scientist recently pointed out that it has now been 17 years and 11 months since there was any global warming. The promoters of that religion have now come up with 52 reasons why their claims are still "valid".

Tommy Wright is doing much better after undergoing surgery.

The Creston Community Building is still selling the new cookbooks. They are available by contacting Wilma Mowrey at 304-275-3795.

Damon Sampson and a comely lady visited Hawk's Nest and the historic New River Gorge town of Thurmond the other day.

Jack Boggs is undergoing treatments at the VA Hospital in Clarksburg.

The talk in the local oil patch is little senator Unger's tank bill and the perhaps unintended consequences . It was felt that there would be a quick special session of the legislature during the regularly scheduled interems and "the leadership" was all on board. Apparently, Broadway Joe Manchin who, it would seem tells Earl Ray what to do decided against such for as one local producer was told, "The idea is to put the little producers out of business." In addition to "registering all the tanks" there will now be a 17 page "inspection form" for tanks 'not deemed a big hazard'. Folks are learning how to use GPS machines and try to comply.

Speaking of the Big Eared One's errand boy senator he has made the news because his doctor brother has sued him and another brother because some years back when Joe wasn't yet a "big league player" his business was in trouble and the doctor had to loan the duo $1.2 million. Since then, Joe the friend of the common man, became a multimillionaire coal broker and such and, according to the suit, forgot to pay back the money that was loaned. No wonder he wants to come back and be governor again. Apparently he's rather be the big frog in the little pond as opposed to be a tiny little amphibian in the big swamp down on the lower Potomac.

The big fall Creston ATV poker run is scheduled for Saturday, September 27.

A local resident was talking to a well known local banker & he noted that there are now 6,000 banks remaining in the entire nation. The six (6) big banks give $30 million in political donations while the remaining 5,994 give a combined total of $3 million. They and the hedge funds back the Big Eared One, Madame Hillary and "moderate" Republicans like little Jebbie Bush. This is why during the last six years the very rich have prospered while all the rest have marked time or fallen back. At the same time those who say they look after "the little folks" go to (& hold) the fundraisers where the entrance fee is $32,000 or more & the press is not allowed.

It was learned that the welfare office in Elizabeth will not be closed after all. A study of actual costs showed that Wirt County had the lowest annual cost to operate but the main consideration apparently was "Community outrage for the closing of the local office as seen with only information gathering".

Stephen Settle & O. J. Little were in Creston to participate in a safety training session while Julie Wood from Minnie Hamilton provided CPR training. Ellen Hedge provided the nourishment for the group.

Niece Sandra was calling on Edith Kittle at the Miletree center in Spencer.

Several area folks attended the 811 (call before you dig) meeting at the Grand Pointe facility in Vienna. It was noted that there was no one there from the state road.

Mountain V's contractor is drilling on their new horizontal well on Owl Hill while Hard Rock said that they had acquired 7,000 acres of leases in Wirt County. They have been drilling horizontal Huron (Devonian) shale wells.

Charles Russell was attending to business in Spencer and was calling on Mr. & Mrs. Parris Parsons, Ray Gumm and brother Euell.

The Grim(m) family gathering was Saturday at the Creston Community Building. Ted and Gail were among those who were calling on Charles Russell.

Peanut noted that in last week's column it was noted that he was putting up second cutting. He wanted it made clear that he was putting up third cutting. He laid down some more over the weekend.

It was reported that Noble hit a big well up in Tyler County.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude dropped to $91.27/bbl. while drip fell to $69.17, Marcellus & Utica light $85.27 and medium $91.27/bbl.

Japanese stilt grass is now flowering. One needs to pull out every plant from flower beds and anywhere that the oriental pest has started. The grass puts toxins in the ground that kills and stunts native plants, flowers, etc.

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