At the Office of the Superintendent, Grantville, West Virginia; Monday, October 7, 2002

MEMBERS PRESENT: Ralph Cunningham, Richard Fitzwater, Carlene Frederick, Donald Harris and Burl Simers Ronald Blankenship, Secretary


The meeting was called to order by President Fitzwater at 7:00 p.m.

Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Harris seconded that the minutes of the September 16, 2002 meeting be approved. Motion carried with Mr. Fitzwater abstaining.

Mr. Cunningham reported on the September 25, 2002 CGCC Administrative Council meeting.
Mrs. Frederick reported on the September 25, 2002 RESA meeting.

Mr. Cunningham moved and Mrs. Frederick seconded that the following new business be approved as presented: School

A. Student Transfer Requests
1. Meghan Chriswell (7th grade) from Clay County to Calhoun County
Ashley Cottrill (10th grade) from Ritchie County to Calhoun

B. Out-of-State Conference Requests
Greg Cartwright, Debbie Cunningham, Mike Offutt and Karen Kirby - National Tech Prep Meeting; Cincinnati, Ohio; October 3-5, 2002
Donald Poage and Debra Cunningham-Louisville, KY-October 30-November 1, 2002

Volunteer Agreements
1. Patricia Talley - Pleasant Hill
2. Martha Haymaker - Calhoun Middle/High
3. Jill Metz - Calhoun Middle/High
4. Teresa Ann Self - Calhoun Middle/High
5. Keith Smith - Calhoun Middle/High
6. Pam Weaver - Calhoun MiddleHigh
7. David Albaugh - Calhoun MiddleHigh
8. Tina Brannon - Arnoldsburg
9. Nancy Bremar - Arnoldsburg
10. Cathy Craddock - Arnoldsburg
11. Crystal Dye - Arnoldsburg
12. Betty Ellison - Arnoldsburg
13. Brenda Holcomb - Arnoldsburg
14. Jenna Jett - Arnoldsburg
15. Wavalene McCoy - Arnoldsburg
16. Sherry Patterson - Arnoldsburg
17. Irene Conrad - Pleasant Hill
18. Donald Kelley - Pleasant Hill
19. Willa Lea Kelley - Pleasant Hill
Bernice Stump - Pleasant Hill
Ruth Wright - Pleasant Hill
Elva Yoak - Pleasant Hill
Mike Sims - Calhoun Middle/High
Arlis Miller - Pleasant Hill
Roseanna Miller - Pleasant Hill
Donna Richards - Pleasant Hill

Lights On Proposals

School Use - General Election November 5, 2002

Home-School Requests
1. Gary and Rose Knight - Graham Knight (4th grade)
2. Patty Mangus - Ryka Mangus (11th grade)

Out-of-State Transportation Request -October 30-November 1, 2002 - National FFA Convention; Louisville, KY

Motion carried unanimously.

Upon the Superintendent's recommendation, Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Simers seconded that the following matters be approved:
Resignation - Susan Newell (Effective October 9, 2002)

Job Postings

1. First Grade Teacher - Pleasant Hill
2. Preschool Teacher - Arnoldsburg
3. After-School Distance Learning Teacher
4. Calhoun Middle School Tutor Coordinator
5. Secretary III - Calhoun Middle/High School
6. Mentor Teacher for Arnoldsburg Preschool Teacher

C. Employment

1. Andy Bremar - After-School Homework, Recreation and Crafts-Arnoldsburg (Lights On)
2. Shirley Chenoweth - After-School Homework, Recreation and Crafts-Arnoldsburg (Lights On)
3. Charles Thomas - Tutor Teacher - Arnoldsburg (Lights On)
4. Ernest Tingler - Math Tutor Teacher - Calhoun Middle/High School (Lights On)
5. Tammey Webb - Language Arts Tutor Teacher - Calhoun Middle School (Lights On)
6. Linda Edwards - Language Arts Tutor Teacher - Calhoun Middle School (Lights On)
7. Gary Knight - Language Arts Tutor Teacher and Distance Learning - Calhoun High School (Lights On)
8. Kristie Ritchie - First Grade - Pleasant Hill School
9. Marshall Bever - North End Activity Run (Lights On)
10. Bruce Jett - South End Activity Run (Lights On)
11. Lisa Groves - Outreach Worker (Lights On)
12. Patsy Kisner - Outreach Worker (Lights On)
13. Cynthia Dale - Tutor Teacher - Pleasant Hill (Lights On)
Tanya Stewart - Preschool Teacher - Arnoldsburg (Effective September 23, 2002)
Trina Beall - Calhoun Middle School Tutor Coordinator (Lights On)
Vivian Dye, Secretary III, Calhoun Middle/High
Zachary Bailey, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Chasity Bell, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Ryan Bremar, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Jared Brewer, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Jessica Browning, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Brandi Burrows, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Amber Carilli, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Lora Davis, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Joan Fought, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Casey Harris, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Kim Hartshorn, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Kara Haymaker, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Natasha Houchin, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Kara Haymaker, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Nicole Kelley, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Angela King, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Brittany Law, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Rachelle McBride, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Jacob McCumbers, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Deva Murphy, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Kara Riddel, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Steven Rogers, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Jeanette Starcher, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
John Villines, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Jamie Wagoner, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Stacy Wagoner, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Cynthia Wildfire, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Rebecca Williams, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Dana Yatauro, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Emily Yoak, Tutor/Mentor (Lights On)
Reva Tanner, Child Care Provider (Lights On)

Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Harris seconded that the following financial matters be approved:
Invoices - $573,699.03
Supplements - $2,736,771.08
Transfers - $527,955.78
Financial Statements: July and August
2001-02 Annual Financial Statement (Report)

Motion carried unanimously.


WVEA Resolution Amendment #1
Tobacco Coalition Resolution


Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Simers seconded that the meeting adjourn at 7:19 p.m. with the next meeting October 21, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. at the Pleasant Hill School. Motion carried unanimously.

Others Present: Donnie Pitts, Connie Roberts

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