By Alvin Engelke

There will be a country and old time music sing (including gospel music) Saturday, October 12, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. "Old Timers" can remember when Bill and Mildred Lynch put on the sings at Creston for years. All singers, musicians and the public are invited. Those who haven't been to Creston for a spell might be amazed at the new painted look of the old school house as work has continued since the big work day and, this week, the outside painting should be finished.

The Creston area received some more fine rain, thanks to Lilly.

Kenny Grady reported that "Sunshine" at Elizabeth stayed put and worked hard until "Sunshine" from Calhoun came along and started taking her to meetings, etc.

It was learned on good authority, Hur Mayor, Louie "Truth Teller" Slider, that the Old Furniture salesman is "losing it". Seems he may have been faking some of those long varmit shots and such would explain why he went hunting up in Ohio rather than kill local vermin. One observer noted that "The gun cracked, a cloud of dust rose but the whistle pig stood there completely unconcerned as no lead went near". . .

Susan Meyers, Nancy & Anna Engelke and Fritzina Katz motored to Petersburg to visit Keith Collins who is engaged in pedagogical activities there. Now, it seems Anna was sleeping on a bed and a water glass was near. Fritzina and Wilbur decided it was time for Anna to arise so they pushed the glass over and splashed the water in her face and then sat and watched with amusement.

Former Creston, St. Marys & Grantsville resident Phillip Farson couldn't see because of the beer truck parked in front of Dick's Market in Elizabeth so he tried to hurry over into the northbound land of W. Va. 14. When he did he found Alvin Engelke in a DOH Jeep going southbound. Metal, plastic, glass etc. crumpled, bent, broke and Deputy Peck had to be called to the scene.

Local residents hear that various members active in the military service are making moves thanks to the activities of the nasties who brought us "9-11", West Nile virus, etc. regardless of the posturing of some pompous politicians. Some of the modern day Neville Chamberlains claimed that oil would go to $100/bbl with economic ruin. The price of local crude fell to $26/bbl on Friday for what that might be worth. If the nasties were allowed to win, America could live like Taliban controlled Afghanistan. One might wonder how that would impact the finances of those who make such loud noises - maybe, in addition to owning abortion parlours they own burkha factories.

There will be a food handler's class October 16, 2002 at 7 P. M. at the Senior Citizen's Office in Elizabeth.

Gladys Martin, age 94, passed away October 5 in Melbourne Florida. She was the mother of Nancy Engelke. She had been in failing health for the last 2 or 3 months.

Local residents did quite well thinning the busytails. While the drought and late spring freeze eliminated mast in some sections there are, in places, plenty of acorns, hickory and walnuts. The deer are thick with, apparently, only a few with trophy racks. Of course while some hunt for antlers (it is said that when ground they make a potion that helps with the ladies) others simply hunt for meat. It's like what the sign said "Vegetarian - an old Indian word for bad hunter."

Speaking of hunting, it is said that Bobby and Tom are going elk hunting in Colorado and that they are going to share a pup tent.

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