By Alvin Engelke

It was learned that the state welfare department intends to close the DHHR offices in Wirt & Tyler Counties. Broadway Joe Manchin has, in the past, put the shaft to Wirt County and apparently, his underling, Earl Ray is continuing the policy for the Big Boss. Several have complained but some wish that the small counties would "go away".

The other day almost all the mail for Creston got lost. Apparently the postal service's "upgrades" are something less than improvements. Remember there is a meeting on July 24 at the Brooksville Baptist Church about the future of the Big Bend [Brooksville] post office.

T. R. Hathaway reads the Creston News regularly and he noted that his 97 year old grandmother gets a chuckle every time she reads about the big eared one.

The male residents at the Ferrell residence have been doing some baking. Brandon Ferrell is visiting over the weekend. Earlier he had been visiting in Michigan.

The influx of illegal alien "children" are not yet a problem in the Creston area but apparently they are being disbursed all over the country without any concern for diseases, etc. It has been learned that there are Latin gang members among the youths that speak openly of tortures and murders that they have committed. Apparently under the big eared one's guidelines they cannot be segregated from the others and cannot even be returned because they are "children" and instead are being 'united with family members in the United States'. Asylum has already been granted for at least 2/3rds of the illegals. Signs in Spanish are now to be seen everywhere reflecting the invasion.

Those who read the Bible know that Israel was given to the descendants of Abraham and in 1948 a "little remnant" formed the modern state of Israel which is now threatened with destruction by Iran and their flunkies, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. After Hamas sent thousands of rockets into Israel the Jews counterattacked and Bible believing folks are on their side. However, the U. S. government, obviously advised by folks from the Moslem brotherhood, is funding Hamas and some so-called 'Christian' leaders are backing the Arab terrorists. There was a quote about "a den of vipers" which probably is apropos.

The Creston area has had residents who helped in all the nation's wars starting with the Revolution. Now the big eared one is tearing down the military to a level below that of before World War II even though various of our enemies are busy building new navies, air forces, new bombs and armaments. The most recent example is the shooting down of a commercial airliner over the Ukraine by a Russian rocket. Sen. Levin, a Michigan democrat pulled no punches by calling it an act of war. Putin laughs as he knows that "dear leader" might answer with a pea shooter.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude is $102.13/bbl with condensate fetching $80.63, Marcellus & Utica light $96.13 and medium $102.33/bbl.

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