By Alvin Engelke

There will be a benefit auction Saturday, October 5, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Bobby Ray will fetch down a load of goodies including yummy cheese, pepperoni, etc. along with the latest in Halloween novelties, tools, etc. Proceeds go to maintain the community building. Come visit, wheel, deal, look at the new paint job and have a good time.

The work day at the Creston Community Building on September 28 was a whopping success. As one fellow said, "There was, Ed, Ted & Fred" and Ted Grim received an autographed hard hat for being supt. of the painting crew. There were folks on the roof, up on the cupola, folks working on the ground, on ladders and scaffolds and, of course, there was the cooking crew who made some tasty vittles for the workmen & workwomen.

The workers included the following, Junior & Juanita Moody, Charles & Euell Russell, Robin Gohn, Donna, Carl, Amy, Todd & Gary Ferrell, Donald & Mia Rhodes, Brianna Hathaway, Ronald & Justin Mowrey, Alvin Engelke, Fred & Betty Bish, Eddie & Gloria Norman, Katrina Mohr, Ted Grim, Debbie McCracken, R. G. Snyder, Rod Lynch, Jessica Holbert, John Sharps, Bonnie Riffle, Albert & Christie Ferrell & sons.

At the business meeting of the local community building past and new activities were reviewed. It was agreed that the poker run, dip & donate and auction was a whopping success. A sing was scheduled for October 12 for those who love old time music (contact Alvin Engelke) and it was decided to serve warm food for the deer hunters on opening day of firearms season. Betty Bish replaced Junior Moody as vice president of the organization. The community continues to receive donations from far and near which funds go for paint and other supplies

S. R. Lynch wanted to report that he was very thankful for all who made his 95th birthday a success. He received 131 birthday cards including one from President George W. Bush.

Ron Balfour had a pig roast out at his place across from the old Starcher house on Ground Hog. Twila "Older Sis" Roach had so many candles on her birthday cake at work Friday that the fire alarm went off causing the revelers to have to go outside in the rain. She received black balloons, an over the hill banner and a "special package with some unique 'clothes'". Details are available from family members.

The Creston area received some nice gentle rain complements of Isidore. The ground soaked it all up.

Bill Shreve and associates have been having difficulties getting through the red rock in their efforts to plug the old Heasley Brothers well on the West Fork. With water on it all these years it wants to cave and cave and cave.

Fat Pat the Oil Field Rat was looking for some folks who had some doubtful stuff bonded and noted that he was planning on getting involved in the coal bed methane activities. Some years back Mother Hope permitted some of the coal wells on Crummies Creek but did not follow through as, likely, their leases did not cover the coal seams.

WVU hosted a meeting for the working group on the Trenton/Black River formation study. The government is going to put up $800,000 to be matched by $200,000 from interested parties (at $20,000/clip). The study will be restricted for some years to just the participants but later it will be available to others. Cabot, Columbia, Triana, Eastern American, Douglas, Enron, Equitable, Beldon & Blake, North Coast, Great Lakes Geophysical, Ultra, Pioneer & Texas Keystone joined up as can anyone with the green. Those wishing to participate should contact Lee Avary at 304-594-2331. Warren Haught noted that he was getting things lined up for his deed well in Doddridge County near Salem.

Martin Twist is reported to be back drilling on his second deep one in Jackson County. Dave Freshwater completed a spectacular Devonian shale natural well on the head of Hurricane in Roane County.

C. Glen and Glen E. Arthur were attending to business in Pettyville.

James J. Morris was attending to business in Creston Saturday evening.

Among those helping Dorothy Graham celebrate her 77th birthday on Saturday were Mr. & Mrs. Tom (Betty Jo) Lemon, their daughter Gina and grandchildren Cori & Logan Madison of Ohio, Mike Graham and son Gary who was accompanied by is lovely companion Tara, Boyd & Mary Schrader, daughter Candi and her son Bryce, Dale & Rut Ann Schrader their daughter Aimee and her children Austin & Ethan, Tim & Angie Kemp and children Michael, Megan & Molly, Steve & Paul Edward Graham. Alton & Georgia Snyder and family from Dalton, Ohio were also calling. Alton's grandmother was Aunt Lona Hodgen who, before she passed away long ago, was Dorothy's neighbor. Tony Graham called to wish his mother a happy birthday and Roger Graham sent a card. Dorothy said she couldn't remember ever having such a wonderful birthday. At the gospel sing at the Creston church Saturday evening they sang Happy Birthday to her.

Eddie Norman received good reports from his doctor and has returned to his employment on a riverboat. Creston residents have a long history of river related employment.

Reports about the various aspects of the West Nile virus and the report that it is in Wirt County, coupled with additional reports about Mohammed al-Farouk and his biological warfare lab full of mad scientists have been working on this virus for years have not done much for the mental ease of local residents. It seems that some watchmen have been sounding the alarm but several have not taken heed. Not very long back West Virginia Congresscritter Nicky Joe Rahall whose reputation concerns his Vegas gambling debts and his perception of "looking after Arab interests" even went to Baghdad (on the site of ancient Babylon) on behalf of those who certainly view us at their enemies.

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular appointment on the 5th Sunday at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Alvin Engelke was attending to business on Kincheloe one day last week.

As an amplification and correction to last week's report about the application of salve to Wee Willie's bruise (hickey). It was Lorrie Fisher, not Lorrie Wilson, who was to apply the healing balm.

Auction. Saturday, October 5, 2002, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Tools, knick knacks, 50/50, grab bags, Halloween items, food, cheese, pepperoni. Bobby Ray Starcher 890-02. For details, contact Donna Sue at 275-3202.

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