By Alvin Engelke

A big crowd was on hand Saturday afternoon in Elizabeth for the Wirt Oil & Gas Group meeting. Progress was made in the forward direction. One woman came from Vero Beach Florida for the meeting and another came from Duluth Minnesota. Others came from far & near.

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

The Calhoun road crew has been patching Route 5 between the Creston & Annamoriah Flats. They even tried to fix the spot where water comes up in the road near the road going to Dean Miller's log yard. The Wirt crew mowed the berms on Route 5 and is now patching in the Burning Springs neighborhood. Apparently there is special money for patching. It was learned that county residents are now required to purchase the stone/gravel that is to be applied to "their road". Such had been 'routine' in Wood County but it had been decades since such was the case locally.

Michael Starcher the headman for Enlink at Brooksville was attending to business in Creston one day last week. Enlink operates the old Eureka oil pump station [upgraded of course] near the mouth of Stocking Run.

Nancy Engelke was consulting with her physician and received a good report.

The local area had rain and local streams rose although there was no significant flooding.

Charles Russell was calling on Mr. & Mrs. Parris Parsons, Ray Gumm and brother Euell. Ray noted that his "clothes had shrunk" and that he had to have his wife buy him some bigger sizes.

Because of the cold winter and insect damage last year, it would appear that finding locust blossoms this year will be quite a task. Deep fried locust blossoms will likely have to wait until next year.

Some voters in the Burning Springs/Creston precinct didn't get to vote because they didn't know that the voting station had been moved from the Burning Springs Community Building to the Creston Community Building. When the list of voting places was in the Elizabeth paper the local voting place wasn't mentioned at all and the sample ballots in the paper had candidates on different tickets. Roy Copen was listed as a Republican and Bob Gunnoe was listed as Democrat. Also, one of the touch screen voting machines at Creston didn't work.

The work crew at the Creston Community Building made the old school house shine.

At a recent Wood County Farm Bureau meeting the speaker was an 18 year old son of missionary parents who had lived 14 of his 18 years in Ukraine. He gave a good perspective on the situation there which could well be the beginning of World War III. He noted, that just like in certain local legislatures, delegates could be bought and, just like, a certain recent national election in a nation close to home, bus loads of voters were taken from precinct to precinct & town to town to vote again & again. In a nation whose first name also starts with a "U", buses hauled "voters" from state to state for early voting, etc.

Some of the invasive black vultures were seen near the Barr Cut just this side of Spencer. One would hope that "Dead Eye Dick" and "Sniper Sam" take care of the problem.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude is $101/bbl. with drip fetching $77.80, Marcellus & Utica light $92.50 and medium $100/bbl.

In spite of no warming for the last 17 years and in spite of more than usual ice at & around both poles and in spite of a decrease of hurricanes & tornadoes, the global warming/climate change promoters are now getting even more shrill and demanding. Apparently they realize that folks are catching on that they have been running a scam and are trying to get more government control before they are laughed all the way to banishment.

One of the local urologists noted that under the Big Eared One's new health care plan tests for prostrate cancer are discouraged which would indicate that the reason for socialized medicine is not better health care but population control. If you are "old" the government wants you dead, especially if you are a veteran as shown by the VA hospital scandal which likely is nationwide.

The Big Eared One's Department of Agriculture announced that they want to buy a bunch of submachine guns. It had been previously reported that the corn "had been doing a lot of stalking".

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