If you are building or planning on building soon and need an address and/or building permit, for your convenience, Julie Sears, Calhoun Co. Mapping & Addressing/Flood Plain Manager has extended her hours for the building season.

The new hours are Monday through Thursday 8 am - 6 pm beginning June 1.

For more information, contact Julie Sears at 304-354-0911 or email at calhounmaps@yahoo.com.

The amended ordinance reads: An ordinance establishing a floodplain area and requiring all contractors, persons, partnerships, businesses, and corporations to obtain a permit for development and the construction, substantial improvement, or relocation of any building or structure; providing for certain minimum standards for construction within the floodplain area and setting forth special procedure for submission and approval of plans; and establishing penalties for any person who fails to comply with the requirements or provisions of this ordinance.

In simple terms, any kind of new construction (or substantial improvement to an existing structure) or excavating/land movement is required to get a permit.

This is to safeguard our community and to ensure our placement in the National Flood Insurance program, and reduces financial burdens imposed on the community, its governmental units, and its residents, by preventing the unwise design and construction of development in areas subject to flooding.

This also ensures that all new residences are placed into the e911 system and have a physical address, allowing emergency services to find them.

The entire permitting process takes about 15 minutes, and the cost is $10.00.

Basically, the applicant will show on a map (or bring a tax map with parcel number) where the development is to take place. The manager then determines if this is in a flood plain.

If it is determined to be in the 100 year floodway, the manager will then determine the best course of action to "flood-proofing" the structure, or finding another location out of the floodway.

This insures the owner they will get the best National Flood Insurance rates, while also having the safety of having a new home/structure that has less chance of costly damage due to flooding.

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