By Alvin Engelke

There were 50 participants in the poker run held at the Creston Community Building. While some took a wrong turn all of the riders made it past the check points and had a good time, visiting, viewing the scenery, etc. Riders came from Barberton, Ohio, Fairmont and places in between. After the ride there was a dip and donate dinner and an auction to raise funds for the building. Painting and work on the building are scheduled for Saturday, September 28. Everyone is urged to bring their painting gear and participate. Ted Grim heads up the painting committee and he would like to delegate the work so he could sit and watch [actually he works hard]. For details one can call Donna Sue at 275-3202.

Warren H. Campbell, Pauline Cline and Hazel Powell were among those attending to business in Creston recently. Pauline and Hazel both got to ring the bell in the old school house which meant a lot to them as they were formerly scholars there.

The local area finally received a little rain although the drought continues. Many trees, including oaks, hickories and maples appear to have died and there are large cracks in the ground.

W. Va. State Farm Bureau president Charles Wilfong was the speaker at the Wood County Farm Bureau meeting. He discussed various issues affecting farming and life generally in West Virginia. Local farm bureau members are concerned about West Nile virus, the continuing complications of a lack of tort reform with the newest debacle being CAMC's (Charleston Area Medical Center's) loss of trauma care status.

Hay is short and corn could be better but the DNR's deer have been feasting on local corn patches. Up on Full's Fork the corn is being put in the silo.

A crew, including some of Shirley "Butch" Meadows' equipment, is plugging the old Heasley Brothers salt sand well on the West Fork near the Calhoun County line. The state has a program for plugging old abandoned wells that spew out oil, brine, etc.

A party was held on the occasion of Joyce Radcliffe's 50th birthday. She received many useful gifts including polident, depenz, geritol, etc.

Donald Wilson and Wee Willie Winkie returned to their regular employment in sunny Cal. While Donald was in Wirt the comely Samantha sent down a pan of delicious brownies that were much appreciated by the grateful (and hungry) Wirt crew. Also it was hoped that Lorrie would provide some salve to help heal the bad bruise on Wee Willie's neck.

Keith Collins and Anna Engelke spent the week-end in Harrisonburg, Virginia visiting with Joel Hartshorn, Keith's room-mate from college. Joel was awarded and internship in Music at James Madison College and is working on his Master's Degree. Anna and Keith were very impressed with the college and the town.

It was learned that Twila (or Twiggy) Roach recently passed the half century mark. She and "her younger sister" both are employees of the state highway department.

Charles and Euell Russell were both consulting their foot doctor in Parkersburg.

Euell Russell went with the Calhoun Senior Citizens to Cambridge, Ohio to see an outdoor drama. Earlier he had gone to Amish Country and to Canada.

The comely Alicia fetched dinner to her husband, Jason Swearingen, out at the road garage the other day. As was noted the "love birds" are still on their honeymoon. It was also noted that she checks the Creston news each week to see if she is in the news.

It was reported that Matthew Shimer and his new bride are honeymooning in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Joe Cunningham is home after being a patient in the St. Joseph Hospital.

North Coast Energy which is owned by the government of The Netherlands is drilling across from the mouth of Thorn's Run on Right Reedy in Wirt County. Columbia Natural Resources drilled another shale well as an offset to the Parker deep well in Roane County and various companies are making locations and drilling in the White Pine section of Calhoun County.

While the "official word" on deep drilling is that "it is over" such seems to far from the case. Many new leases are being taken in Roane County and the Hensley well on Canoe is now reported to be a fine well. Details on the Columbia consortium "Dink" well in Clay County are not clear. Seems the packer didn't work right and there was an argument about which line it should go in. The folks from Triana Energy (the ex-Columbia men) got up and left one of the meetings when forward progress was not obvious.

Columbia paid $3.02/MCF for gas and local residents paid $8.83/MCF for gas used for cooking, heating water, etc. The price of local crude has gone up to $25.75 and it has been speculated that after Saddam and his sleazy buddies get their dose of "Whupass" the price will go back down somewhat. The anti war crowd has been crying the price of crude would go up to $40, the price reached back during the "great energy crisis" in Carter years.

Tim Carpenter, H. E. and C. I. Russell were among those who attended the big Ergon catfish fry at their terminal above Marietta. Leslie Lampton from Jackson, Mississippi was on hand to visit with the crowd. He discussed various aspects of the company and its far flung activities. While he noted that the Ergon company in Australia was another outfit he did note that Ergon has a branch in Switzerland which is involved in the computer business.

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