By Cory Boothe

It's time for the working man to go to the polls. It's time to take like-minded voters with you. Early voting begins on April 30th at local courthouses.

Sunday hunting would be beneficial for Calhoun County. Remember, our neighbor Clay County, has had Sunday hunting for 13 years and it has been such a positive and without accidents; you probably didn't even know Clay County had Sunday hunting.

Why should somebody decide what I do on my own land? What if my neighbor didn't want me to have a barbeque on my own land because he doesn't like the smell? That would be nonsense and infringing on my rights as a landowner and American.

It is a landowner's right to decide what is best to do on his own land. Not to mention, can you name one activity that is legal six days a week but not on Sunday? Hunting is the only activity that is still being persecuted by antiquated blue laws.

Sunday hunting will not hurt church attendance. All of the top ten church attendance states have Sunday hunting. Two of the lowest church attendance states have restrictions against Sunday hunting. Fourteen counties in West Virginia have had Sunday hunting since 2001. Calhoun had Sunday hunting in 2001 without a single accident.

If you do not agree with Sunday hunting, just do not participate. No one is forcing someone to hunt on Sunday any more than they are forcing someone to buy alcohol, go to a bar,adult book store, or nude bar, buy lottery tickets, or go to an open store or restaurant on Sunday.

As far as Sunday being a day of rest. I have no laws telling my employer that I need a day of rest on Sunday. Also, their are no laws telling predators to take off Sunday as their are no calendars for wildlife to even know the day of the week.

The best part is with Sunday hunting you can still choose to give animals a day of rest by not participating, but you cannot tell the hunter to give the animals a day of rest who has already given them six days of rest while at work.

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