Grantsville's Council passed a third reading banning 4-wheelers from the town's streets, at the last council meeting on September 3. They also passed an ordinance regarding the position of Parking Attendant for the town.

Luke Peters with the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council presented the final draw down of fees to close out the the grant, certifying the completion of the water plant.

The Council is looking for a new council person to replace P. Jane Wease, who was hired to be the Town Recorder.

The minutes reported the following actions:

Paul Funk raised a question regarding improving the streets. Mayor Knight replied that a deal has been worked out to pave the streets when money is available.

Funk said he was concerned about a berm with a drop-off on the main thoroughfare causing problems, after which Mayor Knight said the Department of Highway maintains the main streets, but he would contact them about the problem. Funk also inquired about the town limit on Rt. 5, he was advised the limit is at Cha-Tis.

Council member Joann Shock stated that Donna Warfield of the State Attorney General's office advised her that individuals who live out of the town were not to speak at Council meetings unless they were placed on their agenda 15 minutes before the meeting.

Pat Summers asked if a parking problem on his street had been resolved. The issue was tabled until it was determined if the problem hampers access to emergency vehicles.

There was a discussion regarding the handicapped parking space in front of J & B Drug Store.

Mayor Knight expressed appreciation to Charles McCroskey, Brent Barr, Warren Basnett and Ryan Underwood for replacing part of the roof on the city building.

The Council voted to raise from $10 to $20 the copying charge for the 200 pages of ordinances.

Mayor Knight reported there would be a hearing Thursday regarding parking tickets issued to Kevin Postalwait.

Mayor Knight said the town continues to lose more money than ever each year on the swimming pool. He stated if other entities can help pay for the pool "We can keep it open for another season." A committee consisting of Bill Groves, Jane Wease and Mayor Knight will look into the matter.

Veon Kerby brought a grievance regarding his job to the Council, which was settled.

The minutes indicated Mayor Knight and Chief McCroskey had talked to the Tomeys and the Bonars, and measured the street and "each had their 11 feet." Mayor Knight said if the Tomeys still have problems they should contact Chief McCroskey.

Mayor Knight reported Jim Bennett of Calhoun banks is gathering paper work for the loan requested.

Councilwoman Shock asked if an individual parks on city sidewalks and they become broken, who is responsible for paying for the repairs. Mayor Knight advised the individual was responsible.

A complaint regarding the repair of a storm drain near Pete Zannoni's former office needs attention, in addition to a reported problem with a hanging vine at the David Lewis residence.

A question was raised regarding sending notices of parking tickets to deceased people, after which there was a discussion. Mayor Knight will apologize to the family.

A question of ticketing the handicapped at parking meters was raised. Mayor Knight stated handicap permits gives easier access, not free parking.

There was a discussion regarding overtime pay.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 7 at 7 p.m.

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