Fire and Ice Queen Hannah Burris (left) with
People's Choice Winner Kaylea Bennett (right)

Winners have been announced for the Fire and Ice Pageant held in January. The event was a fundraiser for Calhoun High School Class of 2015.

Queen winners in each category listed below

Supreme winners in each category listed below

Miss Fire and Ice, ages 15-18 - Best Hair Hannah Dawn Burris, Best Smile Hannah Dawn Burris, Most Beautiful Eyes Amanda Boothe, Most Photogenic Cassandra Dawn Lamont, Best Dressed Amanda Boothe, Princess Amanda Boothe, Princess Cassandra Lamont, 2014 Miss Fire and Ice Queen Hannah Dawn Burris.

Supreme ages 0-5 - AJ Poellot, Supreme ages 6-9 Greyson Godfrey, Supreme ages 10-14 Lauren Mae Gorman.

People's Choice Kaylea Bennett with 190 votes.

Teen Miss Fire and Ice, ages 13-14 - Best Hair Jocelynn Bella Heiney, Best Smile Emily Metz, Most Beautiful Eyes Emily Metz, Most Photogenic Kaylea Bennett, Best Dressed Jocelynn Bella Heiney, Princess Emily Metz, Princess Jocelynn Bella Heiney, Queen Kaylea Bennett.

Jr. Miss Fire and Ice, ages 10-12 - Best Hair Abby Yoak, Best Smile Lauren Mae Gorman, Most Beautiful Eyes Erica Heiney, Most Photogenic Lauren Mae Gorman, Best Dressed Lauren Mae Gorman, Princess Erica Heiney, Princess Lauren Mae Gorman, Queen Abby Yoak.

Young Miss Fire and Ice, ages 7-9 - Best Hair Emily Grace Anderson, Best Smile Greyson Godfrey, Most Beautiful Eyes Greyson Godfrey, Most Photogenic Emily Grace Anderson, Best Dressed Tiana Tauber, Princess Josie Montgomery, Princess Tiana Tauber, Princess Greyson Godfrey, Queen Emily Grace Anderson.

Tiny Miss Fire and Ice, ages 4-6 - Best Hair Ella Lynne Azar, Best Smile Ella Lynne Azar, Most Beautiful Eyes Madison Grace Cunningham, Most Photogenic Madison Grace Cunningham, Best Dressed Madison Grace Cunningham, Princess Ella Lynne Azar, Queen Madison Grace Cunningham.

Little Mister Fire and Ice, ages 3-5 - Best Hair, Best Smile, Most Beautiful Eyes, Most Photogenic, Best Dressed, and Prince AJ Poellot.

Tot Miss Fire and Ice, ages 1-2 - Best Hair Paislee Perkins, Best Smile Paislee Perkins, Most Beautiful Eyes Kylee Rhea Stewart, Most Photogenic Zaylee Jewel Wagner, Best Dressed Zaylee Jewel Wagner, Princess Adrianna Nicole Griffin, Princess Kylee Rhea Stewart, Princess Zaylee Jewel Wagner, Queen Paislee Perkins.

Baby Miss Fire and Ice, ages 0-11 months - Best Hair, Best Smile, Most Beautiful Eyes, Most Photogenic, Best Dressed, and Queen Braylee Nicole Holbert.

Crowners for the event were, Dominique Collins, Denee Collins, Bailie Cain, Chelsea Hicks, Kennedy Gainer, and Peyten McKown.

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