By Alvin Engelke

The big poker run, dip & donate dinner and auction are all scheduled for Saturday, September 21. A special route has been laid out for the trip. Signups for the poker run are at 10 A. M.

Seward Lynch celebrated his 95th birthday at the Creston Community Building. He finally figured out why he didn't get his county paper on Thursday. The party was a real surprise to him. Sixty- five people signed the register and the highlight of the party was the appearance of Dr. Tipton and his wife of Marietta, Ohio. Dr. Tipton has been treating Seward's allergies for over 30 years.

Alvin and Nancy Engelke, along with several Wirt County residents, took in opening night of the Actor's Guild Play, Little Women. Former Wirt resident, Daniel Simonton played the beloved character Laurie. He, along with all the other young people, did an excellent job. The group dined at River City before the play.

Donna Ferrell and family were visiting Ed and Geneva Hayes and family.

Jane Engelke and Michael Tedrick were visiting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the week-end. They attended the wedding reception party of former Parkersburg resident, Kim Parish and her new husband, Craig Hartman. Kim and Craig work for the QVC network and treated Jane and Mike to a grand tour. They dined in some nice restaurants and met many interesting people.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins spent the week-end in Pittsburgh, PA and Sandusky, OH. They spent time visiting Keith's friends from Cedar Point and riding the rolly coaster. Wilbur Katz motored from Petersburg to Fairmont to visit Fritzina.

Joye Tucker and nephew from Ohio were visiting Rev. & Mrs. R. H. Moody, Jr. other relatives and friends and attended Seaward's birthday party.

Robbie Lynch was calling on his grandpa, S. R. Lynch and was visiting Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Lynch.

Sherry Carpenter and Sierra Ball moved into the former Bertha Wells residence in Creston.

There was a big commotion in Creston Sunday evening.

The Creston area finally received a little rain over the weekend but drought conditions remain. Pastures are no longer growing, second cutting hay is short and numerous farmers are having to haul water for livestock.

West Nile virus continues to be a concern to local residents. While no one locally has fallen ill it is obvious that the disease is now just about everywhere in the eastern United States. While people get sick and sometimes die, it is very dangerous for horses. Experimental vaccines are available now to protect valuable horses from the disease that many feel was sent over by Saddam, the fellow that all the liberals and lefties want to protect and leave in power.

Joyce Radcliffe will turn 50 on September 19. All her friends wish her a happy half century.

The Wirt road crew was doing some work in the Creston area.

C. R. Griffin, Sr. is visiting at the Burning Springs space dock. He & Cap'n Spock, Connie & Dick deWitt, Thelbert & Jim Burrows were among the breakfast crowd at the Koffee Kup, Saturday morning.

Sadie, the cute little lemon colored beagle looking dog that had delighted the residents of the Space Dock for almost a year after being set out nearby last fall, passed away suddenly last Sunday evening. Sadie was known for having a happy look on her face and enjoyed the company of the local cats, playing with them much the same as if they were all pups.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. Everyone is invited to the Sunday services which start at 9:30 A. M. and the Wednesday evening service which starts at 7 P. M.

Ed Gainer was calling on Bruce Bell. The state is going to plug an abandoned well on his farm since no one wants to claim the abandoned well. One of the wells the Heasley Brothers drilled in the 20s will be plugged on the Richardsonville Road. Presently the plugging crew is closing off the wells that Chacq had in Wood County.

The Junior Dam Builders (U. S. Army Corps of Engineers) held "public input" meetings in Glenville, Grantsville & Elizabeth concerning the Little Kanawha River valley. At the two upriver meetings they advised that dredging and removing snags and other impediments to stream flow was too costly and not likely to happen. At the Elizabeth meeting the spokesman noted that the 3 other dams called for back during the 1930s would be prohibitive in today's financial climate and be in conflict with present laws. When asked about the old locks and dams being restored for the tourist and economic and ground water benefits, Randall Hambil at first seemed interested but then indicated that "the powers that be" would have to approve and such might be a big order.

Local residents were worried as to just what the agency was really up to as their reputation for telling the truth has been less than admirable. Since the spokesman stressed "looking to the future" and he mentioned that 30 years in the future Columbus, Ohio, Washington, D. C. and Boston, Massachusetts would need fresh water, perhaps the plan is to dam the area all up and then sell the water to the big cities. He noted that "only 66,000 people live along the Little Kanawha and Columbus has more population than West Virginia". The bureaucrat noted that the big cites have the stroke and little places like West Virginia [that have senators who are considered to be jokes] have but little input. He also mentioned a statewide plan with the soil conservation service.

It was noted that the land for the Stonewall Jackson Dam was condemned and now it is in the hand of private developers who are making a big resort on land that was taken away from the rightful owners "for public use". Apparently the amendment on the November budget will allow for lots more of this "private condemnation" to help the rich and powerful.

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