By Alvin Engelke

There was a good crowd on hand for the Creston Auction. The community has pulled together and worked very hard on the building. Folks have been cleaning and a crew Saturday power washed the outside of the building in anticipation of a new paint job.

The next planned event is the Poker Run, Dip and Donate Dinner and Auction of donated items from the community on September 21st beginning at 10:00 AM in the morning.

Amy Ferrell is working to get the Adopt-a-highway program up and running in the community again. Paper work is being submitted to Charleston. There will be three clean-ups per year. It is good to have young people involved once again.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins have been exploring Keith's new surroundings in Grant County. Last week-end they went to Lost River and hiked the area for about 5 hoursÂ….being lost themselves at one point. They explored the big city of Winchester, Virginia replete with a Wal*Mart, and other such "giant" chains. This past week-end Kenny and Kathy Collins were visiting Petersburg as well and they went to Lost River again and to the Smoke Hole Caverns area.

Keith reports his teaching is going reasonably well due to his wonderful mentors, Mr. and Mrs. Folley. They have taken Keith under their wing and not only helped him with his first year as a teacher but they have had him to dinner on several occasions as well. Keith is teaching in a modular classroom and shares the space with Mrs. Guyon who has been equally as helpful and her food is great too!

On Friday evening Anna and Keith attended the Petersburg VS Pendleton County football game.

Wirt County Fair Queen, Danielle Burns and her mom, Chris motored to Clay in Clay County to judge some Little Mr. and Miss contests for the Clay county Golden Delicious Festival. It was an hour longer trip than they had been advised by their hosts and then they got lost. However, they had a wonderful time once they got where they were going.

Alvin and Nancy Engelke have been spending late nights in Parkersburg helping Jane paint her new home. Jane reports having wonderful neighbors, the Plauche's. They have been a great moral support and when Jack was trying out his new "toy", a sidewalk trimmer, he just kept right on going. In addition Jack and Rosie trimmed the bushes.

Fritzina Katz returned to her residence in Fairmont after an extended visit with Mr. Silky.

There will be a big birthday bash Saturday, September 14, 2002 at the Creston Community Building for Seaward R. Lynch who will be 95. All those who know or worked with or are related to or wished they were as healthy as "the young chap" are invited to come between the hours of 1 and 4 P. M. He has not yet met his goal of 95 birthday cards [last year he received more than 94] this time.

Last weekend Seaward was the guest of honor at a cookout hosted by Tusky & Pat Shaw, Chancy & Mary Shaw, family and friends. They presented the young at heart fellow a birthday cake along with typical cookout goodies.

Alvin Engelke, "Worm" & www.Delbert.com were among those who attended the snow and ice seminar held at the Civic Center at the Mouth of Elk River. There were folks from several different states and over 100 vendors showing off new products and ways to cut down on salt usage, etc. There were several interesting and informative speakers including a report showing how salt brine from oil and gas wells can be (and is) used to keep roads and sidewalks clean and safe in winter time. A special meal including cat fish and venison stew was served in "The Road Kill Café". The Great Pifu, Danny Boy, Chuckie Poo, and Little Puppy were all there too but The Big Dog was sick and didn't get to attend.

Chuckie Poo's luck hasn't been the best lately. Seems that he backed into a mail box out on the four lane demolishing the postal receptacle and doing extensive damage to his chariot. Uncle Mart was not a happy camper and gave Chuckie a "Farm Use" truck to drive for a while.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil rose to $25.75/bbl. According to press reports the world price has been in the $30 range. Drilling is continuing in Calhoun and Roane Counties and it was learned that a location has been spotted on the former Camden S. dePue farm on Right Reedy in Wirt County.

Ruby Garnet Mowrey, age 90, passed away up in Ohio. She was buried beside her husband Noah Mowrey in the McCray (Snyder) cemetery at Creston.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will meet Tuesday, September 17 at 8 P. M. at the road garage in Elizabeth. Topics on the agenda will include the annual meeting & dinner and the resolutions committee meeting at Jackson's Mills.

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