Mt. Zion PSD Customers

By Curtis Garretson
Mayor of Grantsville

I want to clear up a few things about the current water situation and water bills you may be concerned about.

The Mt. Zion P.S.D entered into a 1 year operations and maintenance agreement with the Town of Grantsville. This took place because of a default judgment that put Mt. Zion P.S.D into a difficult situation in continuing its operation.

I had several conversations with the Public Service Commission, and they recommended that the Town of Grantsville enter into a maintenance and operations agreement with Mt. Zion so that services would not be interrupted for the customers. Grantsville was the only viable option and we accepted the responsibility.

I want everyone to understand that the Town of Grantsville is receiving no monetary benefits from this agreement. We are ensuring that we will continue to get paid from the water being sold to Mt. Zion customers as we did before entering into this agreement.

Grantsville was to the point that if we didn't publicly accept this agreement, we were going to be told that we had no choice in taking on this responsibility.

Mt. Zion only had one office worker, and two field guys running the system. For this reason, it was difficult for them to get bills out, and meters were not being read properly and on time. This is the main reason why I made the decision to move everyone into the same office in Grantsville.

If the office worker for Mt. Zion had to miss work for any length of time, bills could still be paid and customer issues could be taken care of in a timely manner. This arrangement also allowed for money to be deposited on a daily basis.

If you received a bill and it indicates that you have late fees, and it was the fault of Mt. Zion P.S.D for not getting bills sent on time, those late fees of course will be forgiven. If you feel that your bill is not representing the accurate water being used in your home, please call the city office and your meter will be checked, and read manually.

Two weeks ago the water department began reading the meters manually, not all of the meters have been read to this point. This process will take some time especially initially to familiarize ourselves with the locations of the meters and to ensure the meter information is being entered into the computers correctly. The meters then will be read again on foot to collect an accurate reading, rather than estimations as it has been occurring on your bills.

Please be patient with this process as the Town of Grantsville is doing everything we can do to get you accurate bills in a timely manner. If you have any questions or issues regarding your water, you can call the city office of the Town of Grantsville at 304-354-7500 or call my home at 304-354-7884.

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