Effective December 1st, there are going to be three levels in the sliding fee program at Minnie Hamilton Health System. These levels are determined by the 2013 Federal Poverty Guidelines.

First level (Category A patients) will pay $15 dollars for medical (office visits and covered lab's or x-rays). Dental will be $25 dollars.

Second level (Category B) sliding fee will be discounted 75% per medical (office visits, covered labs, resp. therapy, and x-rays) and Dental. This will mean that the patient will pay the other 25% of total charges on category B. This amount also goes for the Dental.

Third level (Category C) sliding fee will be discounted 50% on medical and dental and the patient pays the other 50% of total charges.

For patients who fall into category B and C, you will be expected to pay $20 co-pay at the time of your visit, which will be applied to your total adjusted bill for that day. Once the bill is complete, you will be notified to any remaining balance, or will be refunded if your adjusted bill would happen to fall below this threshold.

If you are currently in Category A as noted on your enclosed slip, as of October 1, 2013 you can sign up for the Medicaid insurance which will be effective January 1.

Category B and C participants may also benefit by looking into the insurance changes through the insurance marketplace.

Please contact us and ask for Janet Heiney jheiney@mhhcc.com if you are interested in either of these options.

If you choose to remain on the program you will need to update your application at your regular time.

MHHS will be happy to assist you and help you to make the decision that best suits your family.

If you have any questions please call 304-354-9244 for assistance. As always, we appreciate your business, and thank you for the opportunity to care for you and your family.

Sliding fee for dental services only applies to Calhoun, Gilmer and Ritchie County Residents.

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