PARKERSBURG HIGH GUN THREAT - Parkersburg Police responded to a gun threat at Parkersburg High School Wednesday morning, a report that possibly a youth had a gun and was going to shoot someone.

The school was immediately placed on lock down and all available Parkersburg police officers responded to the school and began a search for the suspect.

Sgt. Greg Collins said it was discovered that suspect, Jonathan Michael Loncala, 18 (left) was not on school property, but then voluntarily reported to the police station.

Following interviews, it was determined that Loncala allegedly sent a series of text messages to another person, one of which included the photo of a gun.

"The sum and substance of the text messages was that Loncala was going to get a gun and kill another juvenile male," said Sgt. Collins.

It was also determined that there was never a gun on PHS property during this incident.

Loncala was being charged with a misdemeanor crime of using a cell phone to threaten to commit a crime against any person or property.

He was being taken to North Central Regional Jail, with bond posted at $10,000.

Parkersburg High School was put on lock down for approximately 10 minutes as a precautionary measure because Loncala reportedly has a girlfriend enrolled at the school.

MORGANTOWN ARMED ROBBERY - Two men are facing armed robbery charges in Morgantown. Justin Chandler of Martinsburg, broke into a home with a knife, cut one of the residents, and then stole a laptop, cash, and cologne.

The criminal complaint says that Anthony Goberni of Star City, directed the robbery and waited with a third man in the getaway car.

Chandler and Goberni are currently in North Central Regional Jail. Chandler's bail is set at $20,000 and Goberni's bail is set at $45,000.

CLARKSBURG STABBING - Police responded to a reported stabbing in the Summit Park neighborhood of Clarksburg . Sheriff Albert Marano said Christopher Kerns, 35, of Summit Park, stabbed Jacklyn O'Dell, 34, of Summit Park, twice in the back.

Sheriff Marano said the incident was related to a domestic dispute. O'Dell was transported to United Hospital Center in Bridgeport.

Kerns fled but was arrested later by the Bridgeport Police Department.

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