MEMBERS PRESENT: Ralph Cunningham, Richard Fitzwater, Carlene Frederick, Donald Harris and Burl Simers, Ronald Blankenship, Secretary

ABSENT: None>P> The meeting was called to order by President Fitzwater at 7:00 p.m.

MINUTES: Mrs. Frederick moved and Mr. Cunningham seconded that the minutes of the August 5, 2002 meeting be approved. Motion carried unanimously.

DELEGATIONS: Pat Laughlin asked the Board to reconsider their request to use the new football field for youth football. No action taken.

Judy Kerns addressed the Board concerning the site of the middle school playground. No action taken.

Brenda Holcomb complimented the Board on their selection of the new principal at Arnoldsburg School.

REPORTS: Mr. Cunningham reported on the August 26, 2002 CGCC Administrative Council meeting.

Mrs. Frederick reported on the August 28, 2002 RESA meeting.

OLD BUSINESS: Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Simers seconded that following policies be approved as presented:

Graduation Requirements
Student Code of Conduct
Student Support Services
Testing Out

Motion carried unanimously.

NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Simers seconded that the following new business be approved as presented:

Student Transfer Request
1. Joseph Hodo (2nd grade) and Mary Grace Hodo (K) from Calhoun County Roane County
2. Jaylen Rayne Jarvis from Calhoun County to Clay County

Home-school Requests
1. Ashley Admire (8th grade)
2. Aaron Lloyd (9th grade)
Amber Arthur (12th grade)

2. Camden Clark Memorial Hospital (OT)
3. Lisa Groves - PRC
4. Patsy Kisner - PRC
5. Peggy Sams - Transporting Student
6. Martha Walker - Transporting Student
7. Lynda Jarvis - Bus Monitor
8. Linguacare - Speech Therapy

D. Lights On Proposals

E. Volunteer Agreements:
Trina Beall - Calhoun Middle/High School
Terry Blankenship - Calhoun Middle/High School
Phillip Perkins - Calhoun Middle/High School
Sheryl Prusack - Calhoun Middle/High School
Robert Swisher - Calhoun Middle/High School
6. Hays Haymaker - Calhoun Middle/High School
7. Mylinda Jones - Pleasant Hill School
8. Tim Moore - Calhoun Middle/High School
9. Brenda Morgan - Calhoun Middle/High School
Brian Evans - Calhoun Middle/High School

Motion carried unanimously.

PERSONNEL: Upon the Superintendent's recommendation, Mr. Cunningham moved and Mrs. Frederick seconded that the following matters be approved:

Job Postings
1. Mentor - Arnoldsburg School Principal
2. Mentor - Calhoun Middle/High Assistant Principal
3. Bus Operator - Bus #27
4. Lights On Outreach Worker
5. Lights On After-School Tutoring Teachers
6. Lights On After-School Homework, Recreation and Crafts
7. Lights On After-School Tutoring Teachers - English/Language Arts
8. Lights On After-School Tutoring Teachers - Math
9. Lights On After-School Tutoring Teacher - Arnoldsburg
10. Lights On Activity Bus Operator - North
11. Lights On Activity Bus Operator - South
12. Custodian III - (2 positions - 1 Arnoldsburg and 1 CMHS for Lights On Program)

13. Larry Stinn - Mentor for Arnoldsburg Principal
14. Michael Offutt - Mentor for Calhoun Middle/High Assistant Principal
15. Calvin Nicholas - Bus Operator (from RIF)
16. William Cunningham - Career Center Bus Operator
17. Calvin Nicholas - Career Center Bus Operator
18. Calvin Nicholas - South Activity Run Bus Operator
19. Richard Trites - North Activity Run Bus Operator
20. Margaret Bennett - Soccer Coach
21. Jessie Evans - Volleyball Coach
22. Julie Brown Flanagan - Substitute Teacher
23. Gloria Jones - Substitute Teacher
24. Linda Jones - Substitute Teacher
25. Janette Ramezan - Substitute Teacher
26. Norma Wagoner - Homebound Teacher
27. Lijiah Heiney - Lights On Tutor
28. Randy Poling - Lights On Tutor
29. Patricia Haught - Lights On Tutor Teacher - Pleasant Hill

Motion carried unanimously.

FINANCE: Mr. Cunningham moved and Mrs. Frederick seconded that the following financial matters be approved:

Invoices - $468,386.51
Supplements - $1,060,855.90
Annual Financial Statement

Motion carried unanimously.

BOARD CONCERNS: Board retreat.
Trouble-free opening of school.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Simers seconded that the meeting adjourn at 7:46 p.m. with the next meeting September 16, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. at the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center. Motion carried unanimously.

Others Present: Brandi Bain, Greg Cartwright, Jean Cromley, Deb Goff, Brooke Green, Taylor Green, Brenda Holcomb, Linda Jarvis, Judy Kerns, Paul King, Brittany King, Pat Laughlin, Sharon Laughlin, Donald Pitts, Connie Roberts, Bob Weaver, Kelly Whytsell, Nikki Whytsell

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