By Alvin Engelke

Local residents attended the Methodist picnic Sunday at Elizabeth. Lots of good food and fellowship were on the plates. Rev. Keith Belt brought the message.

There were 40 on hand for the Creston Homecoming Sunday afternoon at the Creston Community Building. Several of Jennings Stewart's family including 92 year old Junior who had only the day before been discharged from the hospital were in attendance. Dr. Edwin Pepper motored over from Maryland to visit the school he attended prior to World War II. He noted he had been retired from teaching for 33 years now. He is one of the success stories of the instruction that was given in the Creston school before "the wise ones" took over the educational system.

Jerry Campbell is out and about again after having some work done on the veins in his legs.

Jerry dePue is scheduled for eye surgery this week. Pauline Cline is to be his chauffeur since he won't be able to drive right after surgery.

Kenneth Belt is in the nursing home on Gihon Road and was inquiring if he had made the Creston News after breaking his hip & hitting his head in a fall.

Parris Parsons noted that his granddaughter and family from San Diego were visiting him at Miletree and that the prior week his granddaughter from Denver came to see them.

Harriet Sturm who lived on Rowell's Run passed away after being diagnosed with a cancer.

Jim Bush has placed his place at the head of Tom's Run on the market.

A nice place is for sale up the West Fork. Details can be learned by checking with Old Colony in Harrisville.

Griff's Trucking has donated a load of gravel to be raffled off by the Creston Area Neighborhood Watch. Tickets are $5 from any watch member. On Saturday there were 19 on hand for a litter cleanup on W. Va. 5 the day before the Creston Homecoming. Some of the local cooks prepared tasty treats for the cleanup workers.

Mary "Jennie" Belt has been under the weather.

There was a third earthquake in the Normantown area. Of course some blame Marcellus drilling but there are some who might do well to read about plate tectonics, continental drift and basic geology before getting on too many bandwagons driven by agenda driven zealots. Does anyone really think that the "greenies" really want to go back to reading by whale oil lamps?

Folks traveling on 4 lane US 50 noted that all the signs were replaced "because they didn't comply with new federal guidelines". Not so long back on Sunday evening the milling machine was grinding up the apparently good blacktop on I-64 down at the Mouth of the Elk and a paver was coming behind putting down new blacktop. Then the highway folks say, "We need more money!" Is it any wonder?

The Wirt road crew was pulling ditches, putting down berm rock and mowing the berms in the Creston area. They also filled in an old abandoned cellar for the Creston Community Building. Dog Days have gone out but yet the rains continue. Many areas not far from Creston had cloudbursts and flooding but Creston has been spared.

The katydids have been announcing six weeks 'til frost for 3 weeks now.

Oil Haulers, LLC, the new oil hauling company has opened an office on the Cain Oil & Gas property near Brooksville. They see a demand for oil hauling resulting from the Marcellus drilling in and near the area. BD (Butch Deer), Crosstex and J. Eddy also continue to haul oil and brine.

Kim Lyons Webb was attending to business in Creston recently.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude rose to $106.46/bbl. with drip fetching $87.12, Marcellus & Utica light $102.56 and medium $107.96/bbl. It was noted that the civil war in Egypt resulting from the Big Eared One & Madame Hillary's disastrous foreign policy & "Arab Spring/Moslem Brotherhood coddling may close the oil shipments to Europe causing a drastic price jump in the price of crude.

Last week in the column it was reported that the Wirt Oil & Gas group would meet on Saturday, October 7 which might be difficult since the 7th is Monday. Obviously the meeting is October 5.

The Farm Bureaus of several area counties are having a picnic and meet the candidate event on Saturday, September 7 at the Camp Barbe Wirt County 4_H grounds. The Farm bureau will provide tasty barbecue for those who come although a covered dish is suggested.

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