By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church and a number of local folks attended the charge picnic at Elizabeth. Because of the rain and muddy park conditions the event was held in the basement of the Elizabeth M. E. Church.

Ottie Brumfield attended his family reunion in Lincoln County. Pauline is scheduled to return to Morgantown for a checkup on her cancer surgery.

Both Gay Park & Nancy Engelke are scheduled for eye surgery on Wednesday.

Thieves turned off the electric at the Mayberry (New Home) Methodist and stole all the electric wire, the copper plumbing and some tools that were being used to upgrade some of the woodwork. It is understood that the lawmen have no clue who the culprits might be. Metal buyers ask no questions and the welfare does not require "their clients" to pass tinkle tests.

There was an earthquake at about 7:30 A. M. Sunday on Steer Creek in Gilmer County not far from Noble Energy's Meadows Marcellus pad.

The DOH washed off the roadway on the Annamoriah bridge under the supervision of Gene Rader. The Creston bridge had a blooming sunflower on it but, apparently, the washing crew didn't have a sense of humor so the flower is now gone.

Ted Menefee was attending to business in Spencer.

Frank Lacey's wife Ellen passed away. She had been sick for some time.

The DNR's finest deer followed the advice of the tee vee ad and "smelled the roses'. Since they smelled nice they then ate them as well as the day lilies and the little green peaches. The crows are eating the green apples.

Shell Chemical announced that they have extended the option for the land for their proposed ethane cracker plant in Monaca Pennsylvania for an additional six months. At present ethane is flared, blended back in the natural gas stream or sent to a cracker in Canada or the Gulf coast by either the ATEX Express pipeline or by the Bluegrass pipeline.

HG Energy's Utica well near Woodsfield Ohio came in some time back at 22 million/day of dry gas. The additional laterals on the pad have now been completed and the pad is anticipated to produce 100 million cubic feet of gas/day.

Chesapeake announced that the firm was selling 65,000 acres of Eagle Ford & Haynesville shale to Enron for $1 billion to focus more on West Virginia. The company reported that their Couch 8-H well near West Liberty is making 3.4 million cubic feet of gas, 505 bbl. of oil & 290 bbl. of gas liquids/day & their Didriksen 1-H north of Oglebay Park near Wheeling makes 4.6 million of natural gas, 395 bbl. of oil & 195 bbl. of NGL [natural gas liquids]/day.

After Vortex made a deal with a landowners group in Tyler County, Antero sent in a phalanx of landmen saying "we'll match or better the deal". As a result of Antero's action the bonus/acre price for a 20% gross Marcellus royalty lease is set between $4250-$5000.

However, Cabot Corp approached the Wood County Board of Education and offered them $500 for a 1/2 acre school lot with a 15 1/5% royalty based on 85% of the inside FERC price likely for all formations. It seems some feel that all West Virginia residents just rode into town on the turnip wagon.

Travelers in Gilmer County report that Halliburton has a bunch of equipment parked near the mouth of Mud Lick upstream from Glenville. Other firms have equipment there too as well as elsewhere in the county.

The price of west Texas crude went to $108.05 which is higher that the price of North Sea (Brent) crude which has always been higher. Local crude prices are based on the Texas price. Local Pennsylvania crude rose to $107.04 with drip fetching $87.37 and Marcellus & Utica light $100.94 & medium $108.54/bbl.

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