By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Nancy Hall had to go back and take a couple of more treatments.

While there are thunder storms and very short showers only small sections receive significant amounts of rain causing most of the area to have near drought conditions.

Juanita Bell spent last weekend calling on her sister "Beanie" Veon at Williamstown on the occasion of two their sisters from the south were in to visit.

It was reported that Russell Hupp (Cadd Energy) purchased the Busch, Inc. wells from Walker's Well Service.

Nancy and Jane Engelke spent several days in Atlanta, GA attending America's Mart. The occasion was the Prom-Pageant clothing market, fourteen floors of non-stop shopping. They met many famous clothing designers and Jane made selections for her new business that she will be opening in Parkersburg later this year. The hospitality in the South was wonderful with top customer service by hotels, restaurants, and shuttle bus drivers, as well as the man on the street. The shuttle driver not only delivered Jane and Nancy to their hotel daily but escorted them to the interstate when they left to make sure they didn't get lost on the one way streets. Atlanta is a beautiful city with many interesting architectural features.

On the way back Jane and Nancy stopped off at the Huntington Mall to watch Jennifer Baileys compete in the Pumpkin Festival Queen's contest. Jenny won 2nd runner-up out of 15 contestants. She was beautiful as usual and did an excellent job representing our county. Also in attending were; Michael Tedrick, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baileys, Brandy Baileys, Mark Lowe, Shawna Burton McGrew and her mother Lois.

Miss Wirt County Fair Queen, Danielle Burns attended the Pumpkin Festival Queen's contest with her mother, Chris. She proudly represented our county and the Wirt County Fair as visiting royalty. This is just one of the fun things the Wirt County Fair Queen gets to do throughout the year.

Cap'n Spock and Dixie were guests of Aunt Verda at her Millstone residence.

It was learned that Janet Jett is seriously ill in a Parkersburg Hospital.

The price of local crude has been fluctuating but was last quoted at $25/bbl. Apparently folks are stocking up before the hot lead starts to fly around Saddam's head.

The other day, down at the horse show, there was a trophy that was left over so someone decided to "award" it to the "best all round cowboy" present at the show. Now this feller was real proud since it was real fancy and had a big boot (sometimes called a bootie). He put his trophy out on display but someone (a dastardly person, no doubt) expropriated the boot [for the benefit of the masses for this is why things are expropriated].

Now, our prize winning cowboy was upset as he "wanted his bootie back" so he put up a wanted and reward sign hoping that someone would feel sorry or have deep regrets or, at least, rat on the culprit. Instead, he received a "Ransom Note" just like in he movies and on Tee Vee where the bad guys cut letters out of magazines, newspapers, etc.

The ransom note was dusted and checked for prints and sent off to the FBI for further analysis and study. In the meantime upright citizens can assist by relaying all information, clues, etc. to Sgt. L. J. Peck at the Wirt County Sheriff's Department, phone 275-4222. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

This week is the last chance to file farm use reports. If not filed in time farm land will be taxed as condo, strip mall and development property and thanks to the fine folks down at the Mouth of Elk River there are no exceptions nor excuses.

The folks who went up to the state mandated training for county officials reported that, compared to other times, this session was poorly planned with little in the way of useful information. It was noted that "Broadway Joe" Manchin was seen all over the facility, a gambling den that many in state government are promoting.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins were in for part of the week-end, visiting friends and family. Keith picked out a kitten for his new apartment as his landlord said he could have a cat. The kitten's name is BartholoMEW Allen Katz, otherwise known as Wilby. Fritzinna Katz did not take too kindly to the new kitten and Wilby cried and cried for his mother.

Fritz motored to Petersburg to check out Keith's new apartment and was delighted to find out that if you went into the closet in the den you could come out of the closet in the bedroom. Fritz promptly made a game of it. Keith meets his new students on Monday the 26th and has been busy doing his first set of, for real, lesson plans while Anna helped him with his bulletin board. Keith and Anna report that everyone they have met in Petersburg are really nice and Keith is looking forward to a wonderful first school year.

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