The Hur Herald will publish notification of local cemeteries seeking donations for mowing and upkeep through May 31st.

Email information to bob@hurherald.com

Please include name of trustee or treasurer and the complete mailing address.

The generation of people who were dedicated to remembering their families who have passed and dutifully seen to the mowing and upkeep of the cemeteries in which their families are buried, is quickly fading.

In Calhoun County there are over 200 cemeteries recorded, many others have long faded in the woods.

For the first time some are growing up, while others are struggling to raise a little money to hire mowing and weed-eating.

Those hearty souls who often volunteered clean-up efforts are gone.

Like the burial grounds of yore, they are fading.

Some of the cemeteries that are seeking some financial help:

BROOMSTICK CEMETERY FUND - Memorial Day is a time we remember our deceased love ones, and Broomstick Cemetery is in need of contributions for mowing and maintenance expenses. If you have a loved one buried at the Broomstick Cemetery please send your contribution to: Broomstick Cemetery Fund, Linda Blankenship, Treasurer, PO Box 13, Grantsville, WV 26147. Any questions call 304-354-7569, a report of contributions and expenses will be published once a year.

SYCAMORE BAPTIST CEMETERY FUND - Those wishing to donate to the upkeep of this cemetery located on Mt. Zion Ridge may send checks made payable to: Sycamore Baptist Cemetery Fund and mailed to trustee treasurer Lenell Stalnaker, 568 Sand Ridge Road, Millstone, WV 25261.

SNYDER CEMETERY FUND - Snyder Cemetery on Sliding Run Road at Stout's Mills, West Virginia is requesting donations for mowing and upkeep expenses. Please send donations to Jo Ann Roberts, 2117 Sliding Run Road, Burnsville, WV 26335. Your help and support is appreciated. Jo Ann can be contacted by phone at 304-462-8136.

CLARK JARVIS CEMETERY FUND Anyone wishing to make a donation can send it to: Karen Cottrell, Treasurer, PO Box 59, Chloe, WV 25235 or Bernard Miller, President, 7822 N Calhoun Hwy, Big Springs, WV 26137.

GOODNIGHT CEMETERY FUND - Donations are being accepted for the Goodnight Cemetery for mowing and upkeep. Please mail to Goodnight Cemetery Fund c/o Kristen Goodnight, 2958 Brohard Road, Brohard, WV 26138. If any questions, call 304-477-3444.

HUR CEMETERY FUND - Donations are needed for the mowing and upkeep of the cemetery. Please send donations to Hur Cemetery, c/o Angie Slider, 135 Dennis Fork Rd., Mt. Zion WV, 26151

SLIDER CEMETERY FUND - Slider Cemetery of Mt. Zion is in need of donations for the mowing and upkeep of the cemetery. Please send donations to Slider Cemetery, c/o Angie Slider, 135 Dennis Fork Rd., Mt. Zion WV, 26151

FREED CEMETERY FUND - Donations are being accepted for mowing and upkeep of the Freed Cemetery. Mail contributions to Freed Cemetery Fund, c/o of Bernard Murphy, 3447 Dutchman Rd. Macfarlan, WV 26148.

NOBE CEMETERY FUND - Donations may be sent to Mrs. Barbara Roberts, 359 Nobe Road, Big Bend, WV 26136. A statement will be mailed to contributors in 2014.

BETHLEHEM CEMETERY FUND - Send donations to: Bethlehem Cemetery, c/o Richard Jarvis, Treasurer, PO Box 560, Grantsville, WV 26147

BETTS CEMETERY FUND - Send Donations to: Gloria J Stevens, 2836 W Little Kanawha Hwy. ,Grantsville, WV 26147 or Carole Hosey, 636 S Calhoun Hwy, Grantsville, WV 26147

MT. ZION CEMETERY FUND - Please give or send donations to Duane Poling or Willadene Poling, PO Box 209, Grantsville, WV, 26147.

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