By Alvin Engelke

As part of the state's sesquicentannial celebration David McKain, the famous oilfied historian spoke at the Burning Springs Oil Field Park on Saturday. Burning Springs, in addition to having a well drilled before Pennsylvania is also the site of the first military action against an oil field. Back during the unpleasantness, General Jones of the Confederate Army set 100,000 bbl ablaze. Folks who used to live in Two Run noted that there were large amounts of cannon balls left there that were gathered up and sold for junk back during the 1950s.

A lot of work was accomplished during the work days at the Creston Community Building although rain prevented the outside painting. Delectable treats were provided by some of the local ladies for the workers. The amphibians have been celebrating the rain.

Some folks potatoes are up and looking good although frost is in the forecast. There was a heavy crop of bloom on the paw paw trees.

R. W. Arthur was attending to business in Elizabeth.

Sally Haavik of Duluth Minnesota was in Creston & environs looking after her oil & gas interests. She was also visiting family in Ohio.

The gendarmes were calling in the Creston area recently. Part of the problems concerned the sipping of too much persimmon nectar.

Some local folks checked out the road up around the river, now known as Woodring Road, but for testing one's four wheeler in the mud it should be renamed the Dustin Jackson timber job wallow hole.

News continues to dribble out about Madame Hillary & The Big Eared One's coverup of the fiasco in Lybia that left four Americans abandoned to be killed. Seems the "official" story told was a lie which was made worse by the showing worldwide of the arrest in the middle of the night of the poor Coptic Christian who made the movie that no one ever saw. He is still rotting in jail for "his crime against Mohammed". Testimony by career diplomats showed that all knew it was a terrorist attack at the beginning and military intervention by U. S. forces was stopped at the highest level. However, some didn't want the administration's gun running operation to the Moslem Brotherhood in the Levant to see the light of day. It is a scary time in which we live.

Booth Goodwin continues to go around giving speeches & awards and one would conclude that the powers that be must be planning on having him run for some office. He is supposed to be the U. S. Attorney, prosecuting federal prisoners and making the state safer from organized crime, etc. Of course, Joe Bob Goodwin is the federal judge & other family members run the little university up at Morgantown for the Manchins, etc.

The IRS 'fessed up to harassing conservative groups, violating their own laws, rules, etc. but, they said, it was only done by low level employees, not at the direction of the top echelons. The Creston columnist also has ocean front property to sell in Spring Valley.

According to reports from the federal government, the "green jobs" that have been created cost just a mere $11.45 million each. One might say such is pretty expensive "crony capitalism". It's no wonder the Veteran's Administration was so obstinate over the $43/month that was to go to Charles Russell.

The Wirt road crew has been mowing the berms getting ready for Decoration Day at the end of the month.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil is $95.94 with drip fetching $81.85, Marcellus & Utica light $90.62 and medium $97.44/bbl. A number of local oil & gas wells are shut in.

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