By Alvin Engelke

There were 203 riders in the Creston ATV poker run. Ronald Nutter came in first followed by Tom Seabolt and Erin Beckett. David Reynolds won the 50/50. The route took riders past scenic vistas of the West Fork, Spring Creek & Little Kanawha River valleys and deer, squirrel, chickmonk, wild turkey, grouse, pileated woodpeckers and land turtles were to be seen along the way as well as spectacular displays of trilliums, the USDA's autumn olive, etc. Several riders stopped and played in various of the mud puddles and "playpens" along the route with the result that some machines & riders were covered from head to toe with mud. One rider noted that he had never gone up stream and went up a waterfall before and was amazed to find out that he was on a "state maintained highway." The Creston Community would like to thank all the individuals and businesses that donated items, those who brought food, those who worked the kitchen, did the signups, handled the insurance papers, worked the stations, marked the route and those who came for the ride.

Those who want to play in the mud to get practice before the next big event can check out Woodring road which goes upriver from Creston after Jackson Logging lowered the road below the ditchline and shoved the stone over the hill that the taxpayers had placed on the road. Jackson said the road was under Superior's bond so, "no worry". Would be timbermen can check out Dustin's logging skills as how to harvest logs with minimal collateral damage, so to speak. During the timbering operation there was said to be a problem with tree tops being placed in the river.

Ted Grimm was calling on his old friend Charles Russell. He was also visiting Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bish, Roger Grim &other relatives & friends. Debbie send down some tasty potato salad, macaroni desert and special hot dogs.

Margie Webster underwent knee surgery and then had problems with the pain medicine she was given although now she is some improved. Then Larry's mother took a turn for the worse and is not doing well at all. They have asked for prayers.

Euell Russell noted that he went with a group from Miletree to an Olympic event in Charleston Friday but after the rain it got cold. In fact Jacques Frost was calling in the Creston area over the weekend.

Charles Russell was attending to business in Spencer and calling on Parris Parsons, Ray Gumm, Mrs. Tanner & brother Euell.

Mr. & Mrs. David Wiley were in Creston looking after their oil interests.

Justin Knopp was attending to business in Creston where he was trying to get Marcellus documents signed for no consideration or increase in royalty payments on old flat rate leaseholds.

Some Wirt County residents attended the meeting in St. Marys to learn the Common Core school curriculum which the state adopted without knowing what it contained to get "stimulus" money. No one in the legislature knew anything about it and were unaware that domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was one of the authors. Under the plan all schools must go along with no variance and the teachers must go "word for word" as the plan is set forth. If schools are to turn out robots who mind their masters this is the ideal. One member of the Wirt County school board was there as one from Tyler County. It is obvious that there is a plan to "dumb down" education so the "masses" will remain ignorant and give unquestioned obeisance to the rulers. Of course then other countries where at least some are taught to think and reason will rule the planet -- the new world order.

Anna & Adam Yates purchased new bicycles and rode them on the old C & O Canal towpath.

W. Harrison Schenerlein IV took in a boat show in Sarasota Florida.

A Triad employee noted that the bad accident at Wick in Tyler County was the result of a pigging operation and that the hoe wasn't running but there was a heater which, of course, had a flame. Two of the men involved in the accident have now died.

The big Marcellus well in southern Ritchie County was reported to have come in at 45 million and Mother Hope is going to build a fractionation plant to separate ethane, propane, butane, iso-butane, the pentanes and the natural gasoline [mountain high test] somewhere along the Gilmer Ritchie line, perhaps near or at Newberne. Energy Corporation of American announced that they were going to drill a Marcellus well just east of Glenville "within the near future".

Nancy Engelke & the Schenerlein family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. & Mrs. David Welch.

Broadway Joe's plan to register all the guns fell flat in the U. S. Senate and the Big Eared One went on Tee Vee and threw a public tantrum. It is understood that the gun grab plan is not dead although the Moslem terrorists in Boston put a kink in gun grab and immigration/amnesty for illegal aliens schemes.

The next Creston auction is scheduled for May 4 at 6 P. M. at the Community Building. Bobby Ray Starcher, the auction

eer has been a patient in the hospital up at Oil City Pennsylvania. Red buds and sarvis (service berry) are in their prime and the dogwoods will soon be at peak. Godfrey L. Cabot, the Boston businessman who was a pioneer in the use of natural gas as a raw material always made it a point to be in the local area when the red buds were at their finest. Cabot formerly operated a lamp black factory in Creston and shipped the product by boat on the Little Kanawha.

Pennsylvania grade crude dropped from last week to $88.41/bbl with Appalachian light sweet (drip) fetching $78.04, Marcellus & Utica ligt $83.62 and medium $89.91/bbl.

Some cattle have been turned out on pasture but some pasture, perhaps because of the cool spring, is way too short now while other fields have plenty of tasty green grass for the bovines.

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