By Alvin Engelke

The big spring Creston ATV Poker Run is scheduled for Saturday, April 20. Signups are from 9 A. M. until noon and riders must return by 6 P. M. to qualify for winning, etc. For those who have never gone before, Creston is half way between Elizabeth & Grantsville on W. Va. 5. There will be biscuits & gravy for breakfast and other tasty goodies, 50/50, tee shirts, door prizes and a 30-10-10 payout. Remember, it isn't a race but a fun trip through scenic country with rocks, flowers, streams, wildlife and play areas for those who like to get muddy.

A big group was out on Saturday for the Creston Neighborhood Watch litter cleanup along W. Va. 5. There were 27 bags of trash along with some carpet that had been thrown over the hill. Some of the local cooks made tasty potato soup, bean, pineapple upside down cake and other tasty goodies for the workers.

Local residents received "robocalls" asking that Creston residents call Broadway Joe to encourage him in his gun grabbing antics in the United States Senate. Apparently he is being groomed to be a liberal vice president or be in charge of vice or something. Even the late night shows have been making fun of him &Toomy, his partner from Pennsylvania. In a not unrelated item attention has been drawn to a huge data storage facility being built in the Utah desert where Big Brother can store all the data that is being collected on the subjects [formerly known as citizens]. Younger folks are urged to read the writings of George Orwell who discusses such matters in great detail.

Peach trees are in full bloom as are many spring ephemerals, trilliums, duthman's breeches, dog tooth violets, spring beauties, blood root, etc. and, of course, the tent caterpillars are busy feasting on wild cherry & other fruit trees. The federal government (USDA) multiflora rose is growing and garlic mustard is up big enough for landowners to locate the pests and pull the plants up by the roots.

More ground has been worked up and some folks have potatoes that are now up.

Gay Park is on the mend after having back problems.

Brandon Ferrell was among those calling at the Carl Ferrell residence over the weekend.

Joe Basnett had company from Ohio visiting at his home on the Petty place.

Tax day is Monday and the Big Eared One said the rich or the 1% (of which he is one) should pay "their fair share". Turns out in his case that is 18.4% with no tax liability for all the free family vacations.

Ms Melissa Harris Perry, the woman who said that children belonged to the collective, not their parents, took offence that some would dare to disagree with her Marxist philosophy. Obviously, the brave new world, complete with disarmed subjects is close at hand as such is part of the fundamental transformation of the America we once knew.

Bill Zagorski, the head geologist at Range Resources and "The Father of the Marcellus Shale" announced that the recent wells drilled in Ritchie County, West Virginia were as good or better than the very wet Marcellus shale wells that are the best of the "sweet spots" in Marcellus shale production. The acreage in the Wirt Oil & Gas Group currently is being put out on bid. Those wanting a bid package should contact Jim Lydon in Elizabeth.

The Ag school at the university at Morgantown is developing a new petroleum landman program so the big boys can hire local folks to sign up landowners on company leases that steal W. Va. blind as shown by a recent class action lawsuit in Preston County brought against Magnum Land Services, Belmont Resources & Enerplus Resources. Seems these firms leased for very low prices oil & gas rights from unsuspecting and unsophisticated property owners and then sold the leases for big bucks and large overrides. The same firms did the exact same thing in Wood County.

The forestry school up at Morgantown has a program to try to prevent the waste of wood resources along pipeline rights-of-way, etc. Perhaps Earl Ray and his highway commissioner should get in contact with the state's "flagship school" on tree destruction along the roadways.

On Thursday there was an explosion and fire at a Magnum-Hunter (Triad) pipeline facility near Wick in Tyler County. Seems there was a leak and a diesel hoe was being used. Details are scarce but the gas caused the hoe "to run off" and caught fire and set alight a nearby drip tank. Four men were injured and three were life flighted to the West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh where one, who had burns over 90% of his body died.

Charles Russell was calling on Parris Parsons, Ray Gumm and brother Euell. Parris noted that he and daughter were up at his home place on the West Fork and that the peach trees were beautiful.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil fell to $91.69 with drip fetching $81.35, Marcellus & Utica light $86.67 with medium bringing $93.19/bbl.

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