Police in Roane County have arrested eighteen-year-old Jason Levi White of Milo Road, charging him with possession of meth, following the wreck of a vehicle on Rt. 16 in Calhoun Friday night.

Responders said at least two subjects received chemical burns from an explosion or spillage of what appeared to be meth lab ingredients, the car crashed on its top in a sharp turn at Chloe, just north of the Upper West Fork VFD station.

The criminal complaint by the Roane County Sheriffs Department says "there was a liquid chemical that spilled on (White) and his fiancee."

His fiancee, also 18, reportedly suffered more serious chemical burns and was taken by chopper to a medical center from Minnie Hamilton Health System. A report on her condition was not available.

Sgt. M. Williams quoted White saying, "I felt something warm running down his back," but did not admit to its origin.

White told the officer a passenger in the vehicle, which he identified as Nick Roberts, "had brought a black bag with him...that he (White) wasn't sure what was in the bag," while saying that the meth discovered on him (White) was payment for giving Roberts a ride.

Roberts fled the scene before responders arrived, says the complaint.

Sgt. Williams, in the criminal complaint, said he had knowledge of White purchasing pseudoephedrine from Wal-Mart pharmacy three days prior the accident.

White, after being read his Miranda Rights, told the officer "that he had never actually cooked meth, but that he had bought items used in manufacture for other people."

White, in the complaint, says he witnessed others cooking meth, reportedly the shake and bake method, and would "hand the operator ingredients."

In December, 2012, White was arrested by Chief Deputy Todd Cole at the Spencer Wal-Mart for allegedly trying to buy cold medicine for the manufacturing of meth.

White was charged with conspiracy to operate a clandestine drug lab. and according to the complaint, attempted to make purchases two days running at Wal-Mart.

The complaint says, "A female, identified as his mother, was in the pharmacy attempting to purchase pseudoephedrine and was observed being handed money by Jason White to make the purchase."

After the pharmacist raised suspicion, police went to White's vehicle where they found cold medicine from a previous day.

In the vehicle was White's girlfriend, his mother, an infant and another juvenile, the officer stated there was a strong odor of meth.

White's girlfriend told the officer, according to the complaint, that purchases were being made for Glen McKown, who was going to pay $100 for a box of pills.

McKown is facing earlier meth charges in Calhoun and Roane county.

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