Applying for a job at the new federal prison in Gilmer County is no easy task, according to several Calhoun residents, most who have career based college degrees, and are computer savvy.

Accessing information on the systems internet site can prove discouraging to people with literate computer skills. There are indications regional residents may be on the short end of the deal, though the project was touted by politicians as a job source for the depressed area.

Bryan Bledsoe, warden of the Federal Correctional Facility-Gilmer or FCI-G working out of a temporary office at Glenville State College has reportedly hired a number of staff members already, many of them experienced Bureau of Prison employees from out of state. At least one Glenville resident has reportedly been hired. There are 200+ more jobs (sometimes they say 400) available, but don't jump in your cars and drive to Glenville to submit an application...would-be employees must apply over the internet. "It's an Internet world now," said Bledsoe.

The warden says he is sensitive to local hires and interested in them. It takes 12 to 16 weeks to be hired. Applicants must be under age 37 unless they are applying for certain vocational positions such as, physicians and ministers. Margarita Whitfield, FCI-G personnel officer, says there are two web sites to apply for jobs and applicants are urged to check the sites daily for new postings.



OF-612 applications and KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) forms may be printed from the sites, filled out and submitted, if they are strong enough the Bureau will call the applicant in for a pre employment interview.

Ms. Whitfield stressed, applicants need to be honest, because the Bureau by that time will already know your credit and employment history along with other pertinent information about your life.

If the applicant passes the initial interview he or she will be called for a second interview where an associate warden will probe work and personal history and ascertain if an applicant really has skills stated on applications. The third step in the process will be physical and urinalysis testing. if an applicant passes all the criteria they will likely be hired. The final phase will be an extensive background investigation, which can take from 6 to 12 months, but the person may work while the investigation is on-going. Ms. Whitfield may be reached at 304-462-0395. Warden Bledsoe said, "In the federal prison system, you get a job and career based on the points you score, not who you know." "Merely being recommended for a job does not count," said Bledsoe.

Overall, the original messages of opportunity and jobs to local people remains a vague promise, which seems to baffle most applicants who possess educational skills and knowledge, let alone those who would aspire to obtain some kind of "working job" at the institution.

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