Extracted From Council Minutes

Grantsville's town council took action toward the disposition of town property known as the "pit."

The council was advised that an estimated price of a survey for the "pit" would range from $750 to $1,000, according to Doyle Hupp.

Rhonda Johnston gave information to the Mayor that the estimate for a commercial appraisal would be $1,000.

The Mayor advised council that the survey and appraisal would be good for up to one year (but was ultimately dependent on the buyer).

Loretta Stevens made a motion to obtain the survey and appraisal, seconded by Katheryn Kerby. That motion carried unanimously.

- A police report was given by Chief Andy Walker with the department having 17 calls for service, 10 traffic stops, 5 citations, 3 arrests, 5 current investigations, and 1 search warrant.

- The mayor informed council that a proposal would go before the County Commission for a Metro Police Department.

- Recorder Robert Petrovsky told the council that the town's budget would be discussed at the next meeting.

- Ralph Campbell gave a report from the sewer department stating that a representative would be at the plant on Friday to do some work.

- Two bids for the trash truck had been reviewed and Russell and Vickie Jones had the high bid of $8,650.00.

- Council member Loretta Stevens read a letter to council stating her intent to withdraw from the election, Deadline for candidates to withdraw is February 12, 2013.

- Phase II of the Waste Water Improvement was discussed. Council voted to go into executive session and returning to regular session, the Mayor said the council proposeD attorney Loren Howley at an amount not to exceed $10,000 for PSC council, Steptoe and Johnson at an amount not to exceed $5,500.00 plus an additional $2500.00 if a rate ordinance would need to be applied, and for Bond Council Steptoe and Johnson at an amount not to exceed $10,250.00. Motions on all three carried.

- Also discussed in executive session was employee overtime. Mayor stated it would be up to the employee how they preferred to be compensated for overtime, either with comp time or pay.

- Under the citizens open forum part of the meeting, James Ball addressed council about a no parking ordinance that went into effect along Rt. 5, the west end of Main Street.

Ball was advised by the mayor that the signs were posted by the state, and any problems/concerns with them could be addressed to the state.

Discussion was also about the speed limit in the same area. The mayor mentioned receiving compliments from those that drive large vehicles, including two bus drivers that the no parking in that area has made it safer.

The Mayor also mentioned that if he could find supplement parking, he would propose to eliminate parking on the entire side of Rt. 5 west at the beginning of the NAPA store.

Council member McCauley stated that she did not realize how much parking would be taken out when they had the vote.

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