By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. He now has his chariot repaired.

The Creston auction is scheduled for Saturday, February 2 which is Ground Hog Day, weather permitting. Everyone hopes there will be an auction.

The local area had snow and cold weather along with some slippery roads and such. On Sunday folks were playing on the ice at the mouth of the West Fork of the Little Kanawha.

Christopher Boggs who was part of the crime wave that hit Creston a few years ago is back in the Crossbar Hotel on new charges in Roane County.

Jaime Six's man has been busy copying records in the Wirt County Court House for the eventual placing of the records on the computer so that access to the county's land records will not be restricted by the small size of the record room. Back in 1967 when the Bruce Bell well came in and Red Adair was called to put out the fire there was a leasing frenzy but finally the companies gave up as practical access was almost impossible. The problem was compounded when a (then) young lawyer had the county get "modern like it was done everywhere else" and put the new records on microfilm clips that must be read in a reader.

Mary dePue, age 81, of Evans passed away. She was the widow of Lyle dePue, a former Creston & Elizabeth resident.

Coy Eddy, age 82, of Burning Springs passed away. A retired truck driver, he also worked for the Wirt Dept. of Highways and had a legion of friends. He is survived by one daughter Penny.

Inez Blankenship, age 93, widow of George Blankenship, who lived at Waverly passed away.

Some area residents watched the Tee Vee special "Boomtown" which shows how Washington D. C. is now booming because of the increase in the size of the government and money that is spent there. The average federal worker makes $120,000 and the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati dealers are all overwhelmed with mostly cash customers. With all the tax money and borrowed money, big time law firms and lobbyists are flush with cash to keep the status quo and keep the $$$ flowing their way. Folks like Sen. McVain's cousin, former Sen. Trent Lott, little Dick Gephart and the entire Harry Reed family lobby to take care of their friends and customers which include the Chinese Communist who are getting federal funds for "energy development". GE, the poster child for crony capitalism spends over $105,000/day on lobbying but the effort pays off bigtime since they get sweetheart contracts and have to pay NO federal taxes. Of course almost all of the senators & congressmen are in on the action and no one dares do anything to stop the theft and waste of the taxpayers money. W. Va.'s newest Senator who was formerly pro-life and pro Second Amendment is the sort of fellow who can fit right in to the power & money dealing just like his uncle did when he was the "guardian" of the W. Va. State Treasury.

Two recent examples of the sorry state of affairs there is Madame Hillary's "testimony". No one dared to ask her the questions that needed to be asked and praise was lauded on her for her alleged successes. She said it didn't matter that the terrorists killed U. S. Citizens and got away with it; she wasn't responsible and no one had better point the finger at her as she didn't read the cables begging for help. Then John Kerry was praised by Sen. McVain even though Kerry fraternized with the Viet Cong and Hanoi Jane Fondu and lied about American troops. When Kerry was asked about US gun running in the middle east, he lashed out that the impudent Senator that would dare ask him such an inconvenient question. Then the Big Eared One sent top of the line US fighter jets to the Moslem Brotherhood ruler of Egypt obviously to use against Israel.

The price of gasolene rose 30 cents/gallon in the Parkersburg area to $3.50 while it was a dime lower in Spencer.

Charles Russell was calling on Brother Euell, Mrs. Tanner, Ray Gumm & Parris Parsons at the Miletree center.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil rose to $96.35/bbl with Appalachian light sweet (drip) fetching $84.44, Marcellus & Utica light $90.02 and medium $97.85.0

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