By Alvin Engelke

It was reported that a visitor from the Polar regions called on certain area good little boys & girls and to help matters out before Christmas there was even some snow. Of course more came later.

The regular Creston auction is scheduled for Saturday January 5, starting at 6 P. M. at the Community Building, weather permitting.

Several area residents acquired a nasty virus causing some to spend Holiday time alone and on a strict weight loss diet. Most are on the mend now.

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church on December 23 and Rev. Jim Bruce filled in for him on December 30.

Both the Wirt & Calhoun road crews have been in the area treating roads for ice and snow.

Orders & Haynes blew up the steel in the "old" Annamoriah bridge and it is now being hauled away. Since many remember the structure being built it hard to consider it as old. With the structure gone the bend in the highway for the new span looks like the minds of the mental midgets down at the Mouth of the Elk who said "this is good enough for Calhoun County".

New concerns have arisen over the progress of getting the Wirt County records on the computer so that abstracters will not be stymied by the small record room and the microfiche clips that one must use, thanks to a misguided [then] young lawyer who wanted to be on the cutting edge like it was "done everywhere else". It seems that the folks down at the Mouth of the Elk have told County Clerks in other counties that they will be first, not Wirt. Some think that they are waiting to see if the county goes "out of business" before taking action. It is said that the matter will be addressed at the Wirt County Commission meeting on January 2.

It was learned that some of the "in crowd" down at the Mouth of Tucker's Creek have graduated to herion. There has been a big promotion nation wide, led in part by the leader of the "Choom Gang" to ban tobacco and promote the wacky weed. One might say such would be transformative.

The so called fiscal cliff has made for a lot of noise but it certainly is clear that the one who has been pointing fingers and calling names has no reason to make a deal since increasing taxes and harming the military would be "just fine". One of little Senator Johnny D. Rockefeller's handlers told a West Virginia resident that, "Oh if you are going to get smart about it [the farm bill which is 80% food stamps] we'll just tell the senator to put it to you on the inheritance tax." Of course the Rockefellers, Kenndeys, George Soros, the Clintons and such are exempt from the inheritance tax and most taxes since "they do good things and have special laws". If one really wanted to "tax the rich" those "special" provisions could be removed.

The big government Ponzi scheme, a/k/a social security paid out $84 billion more this year than was collected. The "lock box" that some windbags liked to stress is only filled with IOUs which would be paid after the Communist Chinese and other creditors are paid. In the meantime more paper money is being printed and the debt is being monetized which would be the equivalent of writing bad checks and making sure that the bank paid them all with no bad consequences.

Statoil/Norsk Hydro, the Norweigen government run oil company, announced that they acquired 70,000 acres in northern W. Va. and eastern Ohio for $590 million or about $8400/acre. Also it was learned that Antero, the outfit that got the farmout from Mother Hope is paying a 22% over riding royalty on at least one of the tracts the Rockefellers let them have. Of course it would be good to make sure that all the little Rockefeller children have good shoes and the best of vegetables and, when they get in the shape like that of little Johnny IV that they get the best of medical and nursing care. Of course little Johnny being a U. S. Senator is is exempt from Obamacare.

As some may remember Broadway Joe, when he hit the national scene didn't take long to tell the Right to Life folks where to shove it [after they had supported his so called anti-abortion non policy all those years] but now he has shown his true colors with the NRA and come out against (well now the words may be tricky) private citizens owning firearms to protect themselves from whomever. Some time back some dropped out of the NRA because it was clear that the slickster was "using them" and perhaps he had infiltrated the organization on his way to the big money, graft and power down in the swamps of the lower Potomac.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil is $91.20 with Appalachian light sweet (drip or mountain high test) fething $80.00, Marcelllus & Utica light $85.28 and medium $92.70.

It was learned that HG Energy which has the residue of the old South Penn leases (Pennzoil) plans to hire more landmen and acquire more acreage for drilling. The company has drilled Utica & Marcellus wells elsewhere and a spokesperson has indicated that they have plans for "a horizontal Devonian" in the Hartley field. Some feel that they plan horizontal Marcellus wells as well.

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