By Alvin Engelke

Several area residents took in opening night of Annie, the current production at the Actors Guild in Parkersburg. Barbara Full, daughter of Carl and Helen Morris is the musical director and she did an outstanding job with the performance. Gary and Eric Buckhannon of Creston and Jake Wendelken of Elizabeth were performers or stage people for the play. The set was excellent with New York City, including the lights, as the backdrop. The children were amazing with such talent. It is great to see people enjoying what they are doing and making others happy in the process. Susan Smith, Nancy, Jane and Anna Engelke and Mike Tedrick dined at Applebee's before the play.

Local residents, as well as many elsewhere, are getting ready for the Wirt County Fair.

The price of local crude oil fell to $23.00/bbl.

Jane, Anna and Nancy Engelke, Keith Collins, Stephanie Tomlinson, and Mike Tedrick, took Jennifer Baileys out for dinner as a farewell to the outgoing fair queen. They presented her with a gift and a big thank you for all the hard work she put into the queen's role this past year.

The big military planes from Yeager airport were buzzing the Creston area one evening this past week.

Jane and Nancy Engelke motored to Sistersville Saturday evening to the historic Gaslight Theater to take in the W. Va. Oil and Gas Festival pageant.

Seaward Lynch, Creston's "senior resident" will soon celebrate his 95th birthday. Last year he had hoped for 94 cards and this year he allowed as how 95 pieces of mail would be a wonderful present. His address is R. F. D. #1, Creston, W. Va. 26141.

Keith Collins celebrated his 22nd birthday with a party at his home in Elizabeth. Several family and friends were present.

Greenbrier Pipeline Company which is 67% owned by Dominion started running legal ads for their 30 inch high pressure line from Cornwall Station on Elk River 217 miles to Stem, North Carolina. The line will require 400 million cubic feet of gas/day which will require several new wells to be drilled.

Anna Engelke and her cat Fritzina spent the past week at home in Creston. She spent time visiting, four wheeler riding and enjoying the summer break.

The Poker Run was postponed due to inclement weather. A new date will be announced soon.

Bobby Rae Starcher was in for a family reunion and became ill and had to be taken to the hospital. At this time, his condition is not known.

Jeff McFee suffered a heart attack and is in Camden Clark hospital.

Nancy Engelke visited her physician and was given good news. Within 3 months she should be off all medications if she continues to do as well as she has been. Nancy uses the physical therapy room at Minnie Hamilton to exercise and for a small monthly fee anyone can use the facility.

The folks who gather down at the Mouth of Elk River decided, at this time, not to raise the legal weight limit for the benefit of the "financially strapped" out of state coal companies. Had the weight been raised for coal, likely next the feather haulers would note that they could not compete with Mexican feather gatherers and if the load limit on feathers was not increased all pillows would be made from Mexican (and non named foreign) feathers. Some say that consequential announcements will come from the Mouth of the Elk River before much longer.

Joseph Ray Cunningham and Alvin Engelke were undergoing training down at the Mouth of Elk River along with Ms Thomas, the Deputy Warden at Mt. Olive, and Roger Hamilton, the latter a scion of a prominent Calhoun County family.

It seems that a famed hunter (one that is feared by varmints) who resides out on the Mount Zion Ridge was helping the Buckeyes thin the whistle pigs. However, Paul Jones indicated that some of the meat was not properly used to make stew and PETA members took pictures of the culprit. Paul noted that donations to PETA could be mailed to his address and that he preferred cash which would be used for "good causes".

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs and Bell Chapel churches.

The local area has been receiving rain along with very hot, humid conditions.

Elderberries are turning. It was learned that a winery in Gilmer County will pay $1/lb for clean berries.

The four wheeler bandits have returned to the area after a few years reprieve. One might think that the ring leaders have been "vacationing" somewhere.

First they went over on Barr Cut road near Spencer and made off with a race car trailer which they loaded up with ATV's. Later they "lifted" Irvin Walker's four wheeler. He allowed that they likely would come back so he decided to watch for their return. Sure enough they came back and when they realized they were about to be "ventilated" they panicked and ran, leaving behind one of their walkie talkies.

Several local residents have promised that they will receive a very warm welcome when they come calling.

Bill Duskey has been trying to get the road fixed up by his house. The road that goes down by the Duskey residence fords the West Fork of the Little Kanawha and goes over to Lower Barnes Run in Roane County. Instead of using the road it seems that folks go through Duskey's field which, to say the least, is not good. The road shows on the Roane County map but for some reason is not shown on the Calhoun County map.

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