By Alvin Engelke

The big news in the Creston area is deer season and folks from far and near are in for the big extravaganza. Roger Graham, family & friends are visiting with P. E. Graham and other family members. He reported getting a nice 8 point with bow & arrow on Saturday. The Annamoriah Cowpoke was in from North Carolina visiting his mom [who was also hospitalized], nephew Steve & family. Some folks discovered that others had posted their land which might make for interesting situations. Local roads have been hot with upscale four wheelers and vehicles with out of state plates.

Brandon Ferrell is spending the week visiting Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell, Jeremy and Amy Nicole.

Jody Goff was calling on Charles Russell.

Gay Park led services at the Burning Springs M. E. Church as Rev. Keith Belt was off at preaching school over on the old Lucy Goff farm on Spring Creek.

Charles Russell was calling on Parris Parsons, Ray Gumm and brother Euell at the Miletree Center in Spencer.

One of the government housing programs has been FHA which "provided funding" for those who did not qualify for a bank loan. Now it is learned that the government agency is "insolvent" and needs to be bailed out by the taxpayers. At the same time the "postal service" continues to run up huge debts no doubt will likewise fall to working class taxpayers. The class warfare people talk that "the rich" don't pay their fair share even though the top percentage pay most of the income tax collected. It was noted that if all the income of the so called "super rich" was confiscated it would only run the government for a few months.

During the last couple of years over 1,000 people/day have qualified for disability SSI for such things as lumbago, neuralgia, nerves, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, allergy to wood handles, etc but it seems that during deer season all the pains go away and they are "healed", climbing steep banks, pulling deer out of deep hollows, climbing up in tree stands, skinning and working up venison, etc.

A local damsel went to a local lab to obtain her "medication" but, it seems quality control was less than at the one that caused the meningitis attacks and instead of a "cure" she had visions of about 200 militiamen coming to get her. Circa 120 were up on the hill 'building bungalows' while another 65 were down along the creek. She motored to Elizabeth to tell the lawmen there about the threat which, of course, was taken, shall we say with a grain of salt. Never the less a trooper who has since retired decided, to call the Calhoun detachment to ask for reinforcements to deal with the armed men who were after the damsel. Since the new man at the Calhoun facility didn't know the details he took the call to be serious and Trooper Newman, along with a game warden, went with sirens and lights blazing down W. Va. 5 toward Creston. After passing two vehicles on the double yellow just above Cabot Station the cruiser met a car heading toward Grantsville. While the woman driver tried to avoid being hit the vehicles collided and her chariot ended up taking out the end of a guard rail string keeping automobiles from going into the river. While the woman was entrapped in her vehicle she apparently had no serious injuries. Needless to say many people are furious over the entire incident. A number of local residents got calls from all over wanting to know details and, in adjacent counties, the story continues to spread with various twists.

Local residents remain concerned about the new reports about the big eared one signing on the the UN gun ban proposals that will be implemented as world wide treaties. Meanwhile FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Authority) announced that the first class of their FEMA Corps graduated from the training which includes military style particulars. The agency now has armor plated vehicles and of course they have millions of rounds of hollow point ammo to use on someone.

Noble Energy put a full page advertisement in the Gilmer County paper announcing that they were drilling horizontal Marcellus wells there. Noble paid $7,100/acre to Consol for the right to drill Marcellus wells on their acreage.

Those who liked Twinkies will now have to make their own as the company, Hostess, which was in bankruptcy, could not get concessions from the Baker's union and shut down idling 18,500 workers into a declining job market. The union leaders said it was a victory for the workers showing that "they wouldn't be pushed around". Under part of their union contracts trucks that hauled Twinkies could not haul Wonder Bread. etc.

There was quite a bit of discussion over who purchased the Creston area tracts that sold at the tax sale.

It was noted that more and more oil field related trucks are going through the area even though the Marcellus drilling hasn't started locally yet.

The Creston auction is scheduled for Saturday, December 1 and the Wirt Oil & Gas Meeting is scheduled for Saturday December 8 at the high school in Elizabeth.

The price of gasoline varies from under $3.23 to up to forty cents more per gallon depending upon where one is in the area. The price of local Penn grade crude is now $87.07 with drip, formerly called Appalachian light sweet fetching $76.17,Marcellus & Utica light $81.48 and medium $88.57.

Mother Hope started taking out the "firm transport" fee from natural gas sold on the Dominion system. The "fee" for the right to ship on the "transmission lines" as a funding mechanism for the "Gateway Project" is 68 cents/mcf. This is on top of the 11% charged for shipping. September gas on the Hope system was worth $2.4696/dth. Earlier in the year gas fetched $1.67.

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