The Hur Herald, as a public service, is publishing profiles submitted by Calhoun candidates, publishing them free of charge until election day.

We suggest all voters take the time to read what the candidates say, to help make a voting decision.

The political landscape has caused many voters to turn away from the polls, but it is very important that citizens vote, otherwise our democratic and constitutional form of government collapses.

There are only two contested county races, magistrates (two to be elected) and for assessor.


Jason Nettles (D)

In 2000, at the age of twenty, I was elected Assessor of Calhoun County for my first term. I am a lifelong resident of Calhoun County and am married to Jennifer Davisson. We have two daughters, Whitney, age 5, and Lindsey, age 4. They attend Arnoldsburg Elementary School.

As to my personal history, I graduated from Calhoun County High School in 1998. I then attended Marshall and Glenville State colleges. While in college I studied business management and political science. I am a Christian and attend church regularly. I take a personal interest in my community and am a member of Grantsville Lions Club, and have always been active in various community activities.

As your Assessor, I have striven to maintain fair and equitable property assessments throughout the county. At times, I have been at odds with other individuals who believe that property needs re-evaluated and taxes increased substantially. At the same time, I recognize that considerable acreage in Calhoun County has been purchased by prosperous non-residents which have caused property values to increase. In maintaining a fair and equitable process of assessing property, I have considered the need for funding the county government to provide adequate and necessary services for the county. On the other hand, and very important to me, I recognize that not only our local economy, but the nationwide economy is suffering, unemployment is high, food and gasoline prices have skyrocketed and numerous property owners are faced with difficult times and simply cannot afford to own and maintain their property and pay higher taxes. I believe that controlling taxes creates an environment that promotes economic growth and home ownership.

I firmly recognize and personally appreciate the enjoyment and enrichment of a person's life to be able to live in a rural county and hunt, fish, farm, garden and engage in all activities related to home and property ownership. I think it is obvious my record speaks for itself; I will always stand up for what I believe is right. As your assessor, I will always make myself available to any person who may wish to voice his or her opinion as to property valuations and will always do my part to maintain tax assessments that are fair, affordable and equitable.

Ernie Tingler (R)

Mr. Tingler attended Glenville State College and got his Bachelor's of Art in Education with specializations in Mathematics (5-12) and Driver's Education (9-12). After graduation in 2002, he taught at James Monroe High School for two years before ...returning home to serve as long term substitute in at Calhoun County High School.

Mr. Tingler has taught the past six years at Calhoun Middle/High School with three years each in the high school and three years in the middle school having taught mathematics each year. Mr. Tingler also has spent his summer's working at Glenville McDonald's for the past 11 years.

While teaching at Calhoun County Middle/High School, Mr. Tingler has coached basketball, football, and track. He has served the past two years as the Athletic Trainer.

Mr. Tingler stated "As County Assessor, I will be out there. I am excited for the opportunity to learn and serve the county with the best of my abilities. I truly believe that I am the best candidate for the Assessor's position even without the experience the other candidates have. I feel what I don't have experience wise that I make up for that with my personality skills and math background."

Mr. Tingler is the son of Eli Ray and Hazel Tingler of Big Springs.


Rick Postalwait (D)

I would like this opportunity to tell you about my experience. I have worked in the Criminal Justice field for over 18 years. 7 years in law-enforcement, 14 months with the West Virginia Division of Corrections, and now serving as Magistrate of Calhoun County since 2001.

As Magistrate, I spent 8 years as a member of the WV Supreme Court- Magistrate Training Committee. Currently, I am a serving on the West Virginia Magistrate Association Board as a representative for the 2nd District.

I believe that as citizens and taxpayers every person has a right to speak directly with their Elected Officials, serving as Magistrate I have practiced and will continue to practice an "Open Door Policy". I may be contacted at work (304)354-6651 or at home (304)354-9140.

As an elected official, I work for the people and feel each person should be comfortable coming in to the office, knowing that they will be treated fairly and with the respect they deserve.

Upon assuming the duties and responsibilities of this office in 2001, I took the following Oath of Office: "I, Richard Postalwait, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of MAGISTRATE OF CALHOUN COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA, to the best of my skill and judgment, so help me GOD."

Today, I am under that same pledge, and if re-elected will continue to faithfully discharge the duties of this Office to the best of my abilities.

Vote for Professionalism, Vote for Experience, Vote for Knowledge Re-Elect Rick Postalwait as your Magistrate.

Thank you for your support, Rick Postalwait.

Steve Reynolds (R)

My name is Steve Reynolds and I am a candidate for Magistrate of Calhoun County. I am a 41 year old graduate of Calhoun County High School (class of 1989) and I'm currently enrolled with the University of Phoenix. I am the proud son of Will and Doris Reynolds of Big Bend. I am currently employed as a field engineer for Crider and Crider Construction Company out of Indianapolis, Indiana. I have worked construction all of my adult life and formed a hard work ethic toward any project that I have taken.

I will be a fair and impartial Magistrate. I will disqualify myself from any case in which there may be an appearance of impropriety. I have always been a man of integrity and demonstrate this in my personal life as well. I believe my training by the West Virginia Supreme Court, my current studies of the West Virginia Code and my personal knowledge will prove my abilities as a Magistrate.

It will be an honor to serve as your Magistrate. I have such a fondness for Calhoun County. Working so far away has hindered my efforts to meet and talk with everyone, but I have enjoyed the festivals, bingos, dinners and school events. I have met many people around the county since I have filed for office and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your time and encouragement. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I would appreciate your vote on November 6th.

Teresa Robinson-Carpenter (D)

Hello, I am Teresa Robinson-Carpenter a candidate for the office of Calhoun County Magistrate. I will begin first, by saying thank you for allowing me to serve each of you the past 12 years as your county Magistrate. This will be the fourth election in which I am asking for the privilege of serving as your Magistrate. I want to tell you a few things I will continue to do in the office.

I will continue to have an "open door" policy making myself available to the public when they need to see and talk with a Magistrate. I will also run my office as fair and honest as I have in the past, and will treat everyone with the respect they each deserve.

I was hired in 1989 as Magistrate Assistant, then after 11 years in that position, decided to run for the office of Magistrate. You first elected me in 2000 and I started in January, 2001 as Calhoun County Magistrate. You then elected me again in each of the following years, 2004, 2008 , and I am asking you to re-elect me again this year, 2012.

I truly enjoy serving you as Calhoun County Magistrate, and am pleased to serve the county with my duties. I am asking each of you for your vote and support not only in the May primary election, but also in the November general election. And I want to thank each of you in advance for your support, and am looking forward to serving as Magistrate again in 2013.

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