By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Davis of Newcomerstown, Ohio were guests visiting. They have relatives buried in the Belt cemetery on Straight Creek.

The big Creston Halloween party is scheduled for Saturday, Octoer 27 at the Community Building. the evening will start with a covered dish followed by judging, perhaps, a very special wedding and haunted rides for those who do not fear the dangers of dark nights, hobgoblins, federal jack booted thugs, monsters from the black lagoon, etc.

Jacques Frost called at a number of area locations and placed frost on most windshields but along the protected fertile bottoms along the West Fork tomato and pepper plants continue to grow and bloom. Perhaps this might be called "global warming" but it seems to be a very good thing.

The government's Asiatic beetles (a/k/a government ladybugs) are back in force in some area structures. Hill & Bill turned them loose to protect local pecan trees from aphids or so the story was told then. This like, corn borers, multiflora rose, autumn olive and examples of how government progams "help" people and never go away.

Ryan, Jessica & Rylynn Marks were visiting Mr. & Mrs. Cooter Marks and were also calling at the Space Dock.

A local couple went four wheeling out on Ground Hog and took their little dog along since he insists on riding. Up near the church they met Old Brer Bar who was coming up out of the head of Pete's Run. The brave little dog decided he was going to whup the bear and it was all the owners could do to hold him on the four wheeler and avoid an obvious, to quote the Big Eared One, "not optimal result".

Parris Parsons noted that he had been suffering from a cold like malady.

Frankie Mowery who is now wheel chair bound is not doing very well and won't eat.

Euell Russell & Ray Gumm were discussing the political situation.

Some local folks were attending to business in Hamlin Town. Others attended the game between the Wirt & Calhoun high schools while a few others motored to Morgantown to see the circus [check Roman history] at the #1 party school in the nation. The "leaders" down at the mouth of the Elk claim that they are always working to make W. Va. first -- children in poverty, obesity, average income, tobacco use, and of course the institution of learning beating out Ohio University at Athens. Booth Goodwin, the US attorney who is being groomed for a life position in the ruling oligarchy recently gave a campaign speech in Mineral Wells. Usually US attorneys are busy working to incarcerate criminals but he must march to a different drummer.

The leaves have reached their peak locally with the reds of the sumac, gum, etc and the yellow of the maples. Chickadees have been feasting on the walnuts that were smashed by automobiles when they fell in the road.

EQT (Equitable) made the news again when a Logan County circuit court jury assessed them $900,000 for making a gas well access road through a coloured grave yard near an old abandoned coal camp near Sarah Ann. This is in the county where Earl Ray has made it clear that he supports the big boys and State Treasurer John Perdue's brother is the head lobbyist for EQT.

It has now been learned that the White House, the State Department and many others watched the attack & subsequent torture & murder of 4 Americans in Lybia in real time and did nothing to help them. Some said they wanted the ambassador to be kidnapped then they could exchange the blind sheik (the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing) without making a big fuss. Seems the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quaeda want him released and Hillary's gal pal Huma [a/k/a Mrs. Anthony Weiner] has family connections with the terror group. Also, on someone's advice we are supplying arms to the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan to overthrow the king there. It would appear that well placed members of the current regeime loathe Israel and, obviously, do not believe the prophecy about those who try to destroy Jerusalem.

The price of gasoline dropped below $3.60 at Mineral Wells recently. The Big Eared one said the reason gasolene is more than twice as high as it was when he took office is because the "economy was so bad then". Obviously inflation and the curtailment of drilling on federal lands had no impact.

Several recent articles have been written about the natural gas glut, especially in the southern/western shales like the Haynesville where Chesapeake sold acreage they had purchased for $7,100/acre for $30,000/acre. The shift is now to the areas of the Marcellus that have the wet gas which, just happens to include Calhoun and Wirt Counties. Chesapeake sold Marcellus acreage for $5,666.66/acre while Noble paid CNX $7,100/acre.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude fell to $90.45/bbl with Appalachial light sweet (drip) fetching $79.08, Marcellus & Utica light $84.59 and medium $91.95/bbl.

Charles Russell was consulting with his podiatrist.

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