By Alvin Engelke

There will be a poker run for ATVs, etc. Saturday, July 27 at the Creston Community Building. Sign in will be between 10 & 11 A. M. and the run starts at 11:30 A. M. The entry fee is $10 and the winner takes half. Proceeds go to maintain the Creston Community Building. Everyone who wants to have a fun time going through some very scenic country is invited to participate. For details contact Donna Sue at 275-3202.

Mr. & Mrs. Don Rhodes were attending to business over in Roane County.

It was learned that Simon Reynolds passed away. A former Wirt County state road employee, he had moved to Florida and worked at Disney World. He had been sick for some time.

Travelers in southern Jackson County report that while Martin Twist took the old Carl E. Smith drilling rig up on the hill it seemed that the only action on the location was at the swimming hole. Apparently the fat chickens only come escorted since the location is rather remote and has a locked gate.

Cap'n & Mrs. Spock and Aunt Verda were visiting relatives in Indiana & Kentucky.

Johnny Bell was attending to business in Creston last week.

Rick Tucker has an automobile to give away. For details see Rick at his residence across from Russell Brothers.

The local area continues to receive hot, humid weather but has been spared the washouts that happened on Right Reedy, Tucker's Creek and elsewhere.

It was reported that a certain "varmint hunter" has, in turn, been put into the sights of one of the "animal rights" groups. More details likely will be available next week (and this way the fingered feller can line up moral support, etc.).

A certain state road supervisor had a run in with a skunk the other evening. He was working late and was holding the door open to advise the grader man who had worked late to get mud off the road that a polecat was eating bugs under the light [at the other door]and to walk around the area to the open door when Ms. Skunk walked right in the door. Before the men could get Ms. Skunk out of the office she "did her thing". Mr. Supervisor had to shower and wash his clothes before his wife would let him in the house.

Anna Engelke and Fritzina were visiting the old homestead. Keith Collins was also visiting from Cedar Point.

Donna Ferrell had been on the sick list but is now on the mend. She was attending to business in Grantsville.

The gendarmes were called out on Ground Hog the other day on the occasion of a chariot being left in the road with the driver "sleeping" in yard of a home there. Seems a fellow, identified as Tommy Burdette, was a fugitive from Ohio and sipped a little too much nectar. His car was towed and he got a ride to a secure facility.

The price of local crude oil rose to $24.25/bbl

A local woman who works in Parkersburg went to lunch with some of her co-workers at Don Emilio's eatery in Parkersburg. They were more than a little surprised when one of the ladies opened her silver ware and found a live roach perched on her spoon. The local resident smashed the Mexican roach (like the song La Cucaracha ) and the manager was called. The roach lady lost her appetite and since no offer was made for an adjustment on the bill, the establishment is getting some free advertising (so to speak).

Alvin Engelke was consulting with a specialist in Spencer.

A large military helicopter flew over Creston Sunday evening. Creston seems to be a popular place for such.

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