Dan Cosgrove

As part of Arnoldsburg Summer Academy's Health and Recreation week, students took the challenge and went 24 hours without watching television or playing computer games. We wanted to know what they did instead.

Amber Wilford went over to Jordan Mace's house to share the misery. It turned out pretty good she said, spending time swimming and playing with a good friend. Emily Brady spent her time reading, coloring and catching up on chores. Chloey Boggs read a bunch of books. Autumn Smith played outside and also read a couple of books. Ryan Ellison went to his aunt's house and played with his cousins. Alisha McCumbers rode a four-wheeler, read some books and watched her aquarium (maybe she hoped it would turn into a T.V.). Ashley Conley practiced her baton twirling and spent time just talking with her dad and helping him feed the animals. Tiffany Brannon drew and colored pictures, and visited with her grandparents. Other activities reported by students included bike riding, swimming, playing with Barbies, making crafts, watching hummingbirds, helping with the cooking, petting a horse, cleaning a closet, playing a piano, and calling a friend. It sounded like a pretty successful day to me!

Shayla and Caden Arnold decide to put a quilt over the television to make sure they wouldn't forget and turn it on by mistake. Shayla reported spending the day riding her bike and swimming.

At the Arnoldsburg Summer Academy and Kinder Academy, we are lucky to have a dedicated group of middle school and high school volunteers. Last week they worked hard putting together a "Reading Café." On Friday, they served the students milk, juice, yogurt and cupcakes in a café atmosphere. They also performed skits, read original poetry and shared stories. Students were also invited to share stories. It was a complete success and we are very grateful and proud of these young volunteers.

The "Big Bad Wolf" trys to shake off that bad image!

The wolf explains it was all a mistake--it was cold season and a sneeze made that old straw house fall down-and of course you couldn't let pig road kill go to waste

Volunteers serving the customers

Third grade students Jordan Mace and Kenzie Laughlin entertain the crowd

The 3rd grade class performs a choral reading of a poem for the volunteers and Kinder Academy students

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