COMMENT by Drew Moody

I guess it is an unavoidable consequence, considering the political climate in the U.S., that extreme voices will oversimplify almost anything for their own gain.

This could be the case with ongoing speculation of the specific trigger point which ended in the deaths of several Americans in Libya.

When the dust settles I seriously doubt reaction to the YouTube video, "The Innocence of Muslims," is a central factor for the murderous attack.

In any case, remember violent souls find infinite excuses to justify harming others. Murder and mayhem are commonplace occurrences in that part of the world on any average Tuesday.

The creators and distributors of the film may have prayed the video might spark a conversion reaction prompting masses of Muslims to "get right with Jesus." But considering the overall quality and taste of the video itself I believe such claims are disingenuous.

The Wall Street Journal reported funding for the project was secured with $5-Million in donations from 100 Jewish contributors. Furthermore, the filmmaker was quoted as saying, "Islam is a cancer."

Koran-burning Florida minister, Terry Jones, has been outspoken and direct in his condemnation of the Islamic faith, associating it with Satan.

From an historic perspective, Christians, Muslims and Jews are well acquainted with death and bloodshed - both suffered and ruthlessly meted out. Throughout the ages the combination of righteous-minded people and the overwhelming ignorance of humanity has been a dependable formula for disaster.

Disagreements and conflict between the three religions have existed at least since the birth of the sons of Abraham (of the Old Testament Bible). The firstborn, Ishmael, son an unmarried slave, was banished to the desert after Abraham's wife bore him a second son, Isaac. These events, from the Islamic view, were essentially a bait and switch, robbing them of the heritage they believe God promised.

The mutual historic intolerance between Christian, Jewish, Muslim beliefs survives intact despite the passage of around 4,000 years. As the disputes have little diminished, nor opinions markedly changed, it appears a peaceful resolution is unlikely.

But, don't expect to receive balanced Middle East political coverage in stateside media. For example, if you're still falling for the peace talk ruse between Israel and Palestine you've swallowed the bait... hook, line and sinker.

. Pertaining to the Prophet Muhammad himself, at various times he ordered the murder of adult male non-believers which included Christians, Jews, Pagans and others. Mohammed's decrees in this regard, however, were inconsistent as sometimes he opted for simply banishing the infidels or enslaving them. Before you locate an American flag to proudly wave, remember we treated Native Americans much like Muhammad did in dispatching the infidels. Perhaps moderate Muslims can find some solace as those incidents occurred some 1300 years ago, certainly not during a cultural high-point of civilization.

Here in America we were still exterminating our Native Indian brothers within the past 130 years. And more recently, throughout several mostly unnecessary wars, the U.S. bears responsibility for killing hundreds of thousands of innocents courtesy of 'carpet bombing' efforts to break the will of enemy populations.

And NO, terrorism will not end, nor can we prevent attacks on U.S. soil. Terrorism has been the favored weapon of the weak, and downtrodden for centuries.

NO, there is not a democracy pill capable of erasing thousands of years of history and culture in the Middle East, India or China. Comparatively speaking, the United States is nothing more than a "baby culture."

A double-edged knife cuts both ways and often Americans appear haughtily arrogant and mostly blind with respect to how world events may appear from "over there."

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