By Alvin Engelke

Charles Russell was calling on brother Euell, Ray Gumm, Frankie Mowrey & Parris Parsons at Miletree Center.

The Creston Neighborhood Watch picked up litter along W. Va. Route 5. The local women made tasty treats for those who gathered up the debris scattered along the roadway. Ellen Hedges made home made noodles and pineapple upside down cake but had to use Bessie Arthur's oven as hers is on the fritz.

Kenny Collins was calling at his ancestral home at Creston. Also calling in Creston was Gary Jones.

There will be a Farm Bureau sponsored meeting of candidates and voters Saturday September 8 at the Ritchie County 4H grounds near Harrisville. One can bring a covered dish with other food provided.

It was learned that some folks in the Clarksburg area are having trouble getting paid by Antero, one of the major players in the Marcellus shale play.

Local residents and sojurners in the neighborhood have been checking out trophy bucks in the local three county area. There are some nice ones as well as lots of turkeys and bushytails. Some have been watching the otters and others are obliged to listen to the Coyotes that someone imported to the local area.

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

Local residents are reminded that the farm use reports are due in the county assessor's office by September 1 which is Saturday.

It was noted that one certain fellow was struck by lightening the other day and "he got the message". He is now attending church.

The Big Eared One continues his attack on Christianity with requirements in Obamacare that those who oppose infanticide pay to support abortion. The Catholic church has brought suit but the situation is not good. One government spokesman said, "When you go into business, you give up your religious 'rights'." Some folks just don't or don't want to get why America was founded and why so many came here to be free to worship and be free of tyrants.

Cap'n Spock was calling in the Point Pleasant sector over the weekend.

Government Motors, formerly called GM has been in the news with their "sub-prime car lending". Surely nothing could go wrong -- it didn't with the housing bubble. With the agency owing the taxpayers billions they are trying to stay out of the limelight until after the election. The big splash, the Volt, has been a dud that makes the Edsel look like a marketing marvel.

The military musician, Angie Nida, was visiting the home folks before leaving on a trip to the scenic mountains of Afghanistan.

Dorothy Lynch is having a new metal roof installed on her home.

The Ground Hog homecoming is scheduled for this Sunday at the church situate high on the hill at the head of Pete's Run. A situation involving firearms & another lethal weapon and various family members happened on Little Creek Sunday evening. Gendarmes from two counties became involved.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude fell to $95.55/bbl with drip or condensate (formerly called Appalachian light sweet) fetching $84.49, Marcellus & Utica light $86.37 with medium bringing $97.05.

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