By Alvin Engelke

There were 57, not counting children, who came to the Creston homecoming at the Community Building (the old Creston School). Former Little Creek residents, Jennings Stewart, Jr, age 91 and his brother Ervin, age 81 were there and noted that C. M. Engelke had been their teacher in school. Delegate Anna Border from Davisville stopped by as did Roger Sheppard. Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Henthorne came from Zanesville and brought several old pictures and articles from the dim past. Boyd Duskey, Rosalie White and Charles Russell won the door prizes. The afternoon was spent visiting, sharing memories and catching up. The community would like to thank all those who came and worked to make the event a wonderful success.

David Hoffman came to the event and brought one of his grandfather's certificates. He also noted that his grandfather, John Hoffman had kept a journal when he lived and worked in the oilfields at Creston. In reading the journal David came upon an entry where John and a coworker heard a woman screaming and came upon a Mr. Arthur who had been cut in two in a sawmill accident. They blew the whistle on the steam saw mill to have the workmen come in and carry the mortally injured man on a board down the West Fork from near where Roane, Calhoun and Wirt Counties meet to Creston.

Cap'n & Mrs. Spock and the Mothman were attending to business in Arbovale. They also noticed a dead wild cat along I-79 in Lewis County.

A trio, two men and a woman with lots of tattoos, was in the area "looking for furniture to buy". They stopped at a residence and said they were lost and "needed to use a telephone to ask for directions".

Fall type weather has become the norm in the Creston area with cool nights which make for better sleeping. Some have even closed some of their windows.

W. Harrison Schenerlein IV took the steam shay locomotive train ride to the top of Bald Knob at Cass and had the time of his life. He also toured the railroad shops at Cass and marveled at the drill press, lathes and other work tools there as well as the various parts of the locomotives that are being rebuilt. The next day he toured the radio observatory at Green Bank and was particularly impressed by the big telescope there which was being serviced. Later it was learned that the Big Eared One, in his attack on science and American exceptionalism, plans to shut down the big 'scope and much of the work at Green Bank & the related facilities in New Mexico.

In the Parkersburg Homecoming races, W. H. Schenerlein III came in second in his class and his wife, Jane Engelke finished in the middle of the pack, while his nephew Dominic Way placed first, sister Callie Jo Way placed third while son W. H. Schenerlein IV came in last.

Many local residents wonder why federal agencies, Homeland Security and Social Security, among others, purchased 750,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. Perhaps the bureaucrats are all planning on going deer hunting.

While corn crops in the Midwest have been impacted in a very negative way by the drought, corn in the mountains looks good although lots of farmland is abandoned. The EPA continues it attach on W. Va. agriculture and the wizards down at the Mouth of the Elk do nothing to help.

Gary Jones & associates were attending to business in Creston.

Mr. & Mrs. Don Rhodes were attending to business in Spencer.

The Wirt road crew put down a one coat surface treatment on the Richardsonville Road and while local residents hoped there would be work on the Ann's Run road the equipment was taken away to some other site.

Most of the blacktop has been put down for the new Annamoriah bridge (the one in the curve) and the berm material has been applied indicating that the new bridge will soon be opened.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude is $93.37/bbl with drip fetching $82.34, Marcellus & Utica light $86.21 and medium fetching $96.87.

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