PARKERSBURG MAN STABBED - A Parkersburg man was stabbed multiple times at 2 a.m. on 7th Street and was taken to a Parkersburg hospital.

Parkersburg Police said the victim was Richard Dewayne Swiger, 22, of south Parkersburg, who was discovered with multiple stab wounds standing near the door of Wild Suzi's Bar.

Swiger had a stab wound to his neck and arm, four to five inches long, said police. He was taken to the hospital.

Officers allegedly located suspect William Joseph Bevans, 28, a PA resident, attempting to climb a fence on the opposite side of 7th Street.

Police indicated the man was intoxicated. He was charged.

HOME INVASION REPORT IS DOMESTIC STABBING - Police have arrested Sarah Halstead in connection with stabbing in Chelyan. She has been charged with malicious wounding. She stabbed Jason Hall at a trailer.

Investigators were originally treating the incident as a home invasion, but they quickly figured out it was an argument between Hall and Halstead.

MAN DIES FROM STAB WOUNDS - A Charleston woman has now been charged in the stabbing death of her boyfriend. Stacy McCormick said she didn't mean to kill him, claiming her boyfriend David Snyder was beating her.

She stabbed Snyder with a pocket knife.

McCormick is now charged with first degree murder.

MAN STABBED IN BACK - Kanawha County Sheriff's deputies say 35-year-old Jason Hall was stabbed in the back inside his home at Chelyan.

Hall suffered life-threatening injuries.

Hall, a former corrections officer, said he woke up to a man standing over him. Police say they do not believe the stabbing was random.

Police say they know who is responsible and hope to make an arrest soon.

MAN STABBED IN THROAT AT PARTY - A person's throat was cut at a popular party location in Elkview early Sunday morning.

Police say Claude Fred Hensley, 51, of Clendenin, got into a fight with another person at a party and his throat was cut. He is in critical condition.

Police said the assailant kept hitting Hensley as Hensley was trying to leave, then reached and cut Hensley's throat with a folding pocket knife.

An arrest is pending.

MAN AND WOMAN STAB EACH OTHER - State Police say a fight between a Huntington man and a woman ended with both being stabbed.

The incident happened about 8 p.m. Sunday.

Police say the man and woman were fighting when they stabbed each other.

The woman was stabbed in the throat and was also sliced in the hand.

The man had three stab wounds, including one to the stomach and two in the back.

STABBED MAN JUMPS AMBULANCE - A woman has been jailed and a man is left with a stab wound after an incident in Harrison County.

It happened under a bridge in Enterprise, when a Lumberport couple in their pickup truck pulled over after an argument, the woman stabbing her boyfriend in his arm with a pocket knife.

Police say when the victim was on his way to a hospital for treatment, he jumped out of the ambulance.

The Sheriff's Department is investigating.

MON COUNTY STABBING - The Mon County Sheriff's Department is investigating a stabbing that happened early Sunday morning.

Police say just before 6:00 a.m. a man was stabbed once on his left side while he was on a trail behind Marjorie Gardens, just off of Dorsey Lane.

They have yet to determine his assailant.

He was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital.

MAN STABBED IN THROAT - A Charleston man was critically stabbed in the throat on Charleston's East End.

Adam Otey was stabbed in the throat near Kanawha Boulevard and Morris Street.

A jogger discovered Otey and called police.

Police say Otey was unable to give them a description of the suspect.

HUNTINGTON HOME INVASION - A Huntington home invasion victim Bonnie Pruett said she was terrified when two men came into her Springdale Avenue home in with guns.

WCHS-TV REPORTS: "He had the gun holding on us and said, 'I didn't come here to kill anybody, but I will. Where's the gun and the money?' And I was like, well, I guess this is the way I'm going to go. God, please, just don't let me suffer," Pruett said.

It was a terrifying night for not only Pruett, but also for her friend, daughter and young grandchild. "They held a gun to my 4-year-old granddaughter," Pruett said.

"I'm telling you, if I knew that our lives weren't in danger, I'd have went off, but I knew if I would have got up, that they probably would have shot one of us."

One of the victims said she was hit in the back of the head during the incident. Pruett said she turned over the only gun in the house and all the money she had.

Police said the robbers were only inside the home for a couple of minutes before they took off.

Taurean A. Johnson, 26, of Huntington, was later charged with first-degree robbery, while they continue searching for the other man.

MAN ROBS STORE AT KNIFE POINT - A man robbed a Ball's Grocery clerk at knife point near Fayetteville and got away with $1,500 cash.

The clerk told police he had just closed the store and was counting money when the suspect came into the store, displaying the knife.

He then fled on foot.

BLUEFIELD MURDER - A murder investigation is underway in Bluefield after a Montcalm man was shot and killed Monday.

Derek Tabor, 23, of Montcalm was shot during an argument inside a house.

Investigators say friends brought Tabor to the police department after the shooting instead of calling 911.

Tabor was then taken to the hospital where he later died.

Arrests have not been made.

RALEIGH HEIST - A Raleigh County man has been arrested after deputies say he robbed a Rite Aid store in Daniels.

Dave Cadle, 31, of Josephine has been charged with armed robbery.

Cadle, with an unspecified weapon, walked into the store and demanded cash. Deputies caught up with him after a short foot chase. He is in the Southern Regional Jail.

CHARLESTON SHOOTING - Police have released the names of the two men shot inside an apartment in Charleston Tuesday morning.

Darrow Dobbs, 28, was shot in the torso. Kelvin Nolen, 23, was shot in the foot. Both men are from Detroit.

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