By Alvin Engelke

Former Burning Springs resident, Burley Lockhart, age 63 was killed Thursday evening when he walked out in front of a vehicle driven by John Griffin in front of the Boggs Pennzoil station in Elizabeth. The sympathy and prayers of the community go out to all involved in the tragic incident.

Donna Sue Ferrell has been on the sick list and missed some day's work. She was consulting the medical staff at Minnie Hamilton Medical Center.

Euell Russell, that old gadabout, returned from a trip to Niagara Falls and the Dominion of Canada. He journeyed with the Calhoun Senior Citizens.

Charles and Euell Russell were both consulting their regular physician and their podiatrist.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. She and Steve provided some special music.

Jean Rose moved back to Walker with her mother.

Charles Rhodes was calling on Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhodes. Charles works on a drilling rig in Kentucky.

Barbara and Jim Bush came over to check on their corn and had a nice long visit with S. R. Lynch. S. R. told Jim about when he came to Creston and worked in the oil field back when a significant portion of the work was done with teams. Teamsters were men who worked the horses (and oxen) in the oil fields, timber, etc. not fellows who ride around in air condition cabs with CD players, CBs and sleeper cabs.

Bob and Dianne Marshall of Sparta Tennessee were visiting SFC Thomas and Barbara Jane Fluharty of Annamoriah. The Marshalls were visiting on the occasion of their daughter's graduation from Ohio University at Athens.

As an update to the great fish thinning expedition to Canada it was learned that they were all to wear "uniforms" but it seems that the man with the extensive military record forgot to bring along his red suspenders. He had to make a supply run into town and when he returned to camp the other three were in full uniform, standing at attention.

Local residents were pleased that the president came calling in Ripley. For decades W. Va. had been taken for granted/written off and it is now refreshing to be in a situation where we make a difference on the national scene and those in Washington pay attention.

Nancy and Alvin Engelke motored to Crossville Tennessee to visit with Mr. & Mrs. George Engelke who have purchased a place there in the historic homestead district. They all went to the fiddler's jamboree in Smithville, Tennessee. While there was an impressive amount of talent (from all over) in the under 12 fiddle contest, the folk festival at Glenville had far more talent in the older contests or to put it a different way, Melvin Wine, Bobby Taylor and John Morris can't be beat anywhere.

On the way down they drove on the Blue Ridge parkway which has an endless array of scenic vistas, wildflowers, etc. They toured and looked at the limestone "homestead" houses and other points of interest. It was noted that 17% of residents of Tennessee attend some college which, one might say, makes for many applicants for unskilled labor jobs, sort of like West Virginia.

Local residents were quite surprised to find signs on their property for Moose Racing. They were more flummoxed when they learned that this was at least the second year for the race.

The DNR's wild turkeys did well this year. The hens have little ones out in the fields. Usually one sees six little ones with each hen.

Billy Butler has been helping Rev. S. E. Cooper, Jr. with his garden and it is a fine one this year. So far the DNR's venison have not jumped over the electric to do an early harvest. A neighbor reported that the deer ate up the flowers, bit off the late corn, started eating the grapevines, the leaves from the peach trees, etc.

Russell Hupp's CAD Energy permitted a Berea well on Turkey Run. There has been a resurgence of interest in the Berea in the section from Creston to Spencer skirting the old Richardsonville oil field.

There was a gathering from all around Sunday afternoon at the Oil & Gas Museum Historical Park at Burning Springs for a cookout and visit. Natural gas from the original Rathbone well was used to cook the burgers and frankfurters. Money from the budget digest was obtained by State Senators Donna Boley and Frank Deem for additional work at the park "where it all began".

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