By Alvin Engelke

The Creston homecoming will be held Sunday, August 19 at 2 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. All current and former residents, descendants of former residents and those who wished that they lived in Creston are invited to the old school house on the Ann's Run road for an afternoon of sharing, talking, looking at pictures, eating goodies and just having a good time.

The Creston Neighborhood Watch will pick up litter along W. Va. Route 5 on Thursday, August 23. Willing workers should gather at Water's Edge (Jerry Poling's) at 6 P. M. for the litter pickup followed by tasty delectables including Ellen's pine apple upside down cake.

Charles Russell attended the church picnic at North Bend State Park.

Jimmy Tucker has been on the sick list and has spent some time in one of those "resorts" where breakfast is served in bed.

Bernadine Yoak, widow of Delmas "Bud" Yoak passed away. She was 83.

Rose Murphy Thompson, sister of Holly Murphy passed away in Alabama. She was a granddaughter of Stonewall Bell.

The announcement that St. Joseph's Hospital is to be closed should make it clear to one and all the impact of Obamacare. If Parkersburg has half the existing medical facilities then it is obvious that there will be, very soon, rationing of medical care. Of course, under the new plan, no one else can open a competitive facility as such is now illegal. The local columnist is 70 and that is the point where, under the "death panels" only painkillers will be provided for what previously were fixable conditions and, apparently, private pay is a no, no. Someone obviously determined that "seniors" and those under age one are of no benefit to "the state".

The Wirt road crew worked Mon day getting the Richardsonville Road ready for surface treating (tar & chip).

The Creston area continues to receive rain which has made grass grow. Those who had been feeding cattle hay have now turned stock back onto pasture.

Talk on the national level is about Hillary's proposed UN treaty that would require that all firearms in the United States be registered with the U. N. Of course, once registered the "authorities" could then come and take them away as despots despise armed citizens. This becomes more of a problem when one reads that the Army is being trained to "round up" U. S. citizens, apparently to be put in the FEMA camps that have been established in every state. According to the "homeland security" folks the dangerous folks in America are those who own guns, oppose infanticide, believe what is written in the Bible, believe America is a special nation blessed by God, etc. There is a group that does not believe in the Second Amendment and, as shown by the intolerance toward a popular chicken restaurant that closes on Sunday, they also have a problem with the First Amendment when folks do not follow "the party line".

The discussions over the problems relating to the big storm and the power company problems continues. One local resident who knows just a little about electric service had a long discussion with one of the "head honchos" at the Public Service Commission and the big fellow down at the Mouth of the Elk said, "This is the first time anyone ever explained the situation to me. I had no idea." What is obvious is that the corruption allowed by the ruling oligarchy in Charleston chose to ignore the fact that no one was holding the electric utilities to modern standards, routine maintenance, etc. The only utilities that are worse are the federal government electric companies [the so called rural electric cooperatives] that, of course, answer to no one and are socialists dreams left over from the great leap forward in the 1930s. The aftermath of the storm show the impact on all the citizens of the state of a lack of honest leadership down under and around the golden dome. One local resident was without power for 20 days. Another resident was told, "Why didn't you report your problem?" Answer, "Our telephones all died." to which the electric company person said, "Don't you have a cell phone?" The spokesperson for the utility was astounded that Creston (and many other sections) do not have cell phone service.

Investigation continues into the robbery of green pieces of paper and at least one gun from an area resident. Those who know who drives a old green Jeep Cherokee should contact Sheriff Wilson at the Court House in Elizabeth. The police presence in the area has been somewhat enhanced.

Some fine second cutting hay is being made. While local crops look good such is not the case elsewhere and even the UN has called for a halt to the use of corn and soya beans as a motor fuel so that there is more available for human and animal feed. Of course Archer Daniels Midland will not allow such and they own politicians in places like Illinois where corruption is the rule.

Jeremy Ferrell & Kyler Propst were attending to business in Richwood.

Jane Engelke attended market in Atlanta Georgia.

Nancy Engelke attended the Oil & Gas Festival pageant in Sistersville, Saturday evening.

It was learned that some folks leased some land in Jackson County for $20,000/acre. A well known highways administrator who has been working for an outfit that has "been picking the low hanging fruit" came somewhat unglued in the Wirt County Court House one day last week.

Don Rhodes was attending to business in Elizabeth and Richard McFall was attending to business in Spencer.

Alvie, Carl & Donna Sue Ferrell were calling on Euell Russell at Miletree.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude dropped to $92.13/bbl with drip fetching $79.59, Utica & Marcellus light bringing $83.33 and medium fetching $93.63/bbl.

Some folks from the Munday area were the first, other than the bridge workers, to cross the new Annamoriah bridge. Folks continue to remark about the curve that one has to make to get on the new bridge and many wonder just how many will be killed and maimed as they miss the rather sharp curve that does not seem to have had much engineering applied.

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