Submitted by Nancy Bremar

On Sunday June 24, 2012 many families from Calhoun County traveled to Glenville, turned on to Sycamore Road and headed to the Glenville Rec Center. One hundred and two youth attended this year's 4-H Camp. It was the largest 4-H Camp that we have had in years.

Ensuring that all the campers were safe and cared for, WVU Extension Agent, Curtis Garretson brought a great volunteer staff with him. There were 17 volunteers at camp this year. Dr. Cathy Jones from Minnie Hamilton Health Care served as our Camp Doctor. Other staff for 2012 Camp included 2 ECI's, Zach and Sally. Counselors for this year included: Nancy Bremar, Alley Snider, Kelli Zwoll, JoLynn Wilson, David Weaver, Sandy McCumbers, Ashley Cunningham, Tracey Cottrell, Tanya Cunningham, Jacob McCumbers, Lester Channel, Jimmy Gregory, Ernie Tingler, Heith Goad, Jim and Karen Yoak.

The week was filled with many fun activities that included craft, recreation and sports classes. Daily assemblies, a swimming meet, tribal games and on the last night of Camp was a camper favorite-the Dance!

The last night of Camp is when the final Council Circle is held and that is when awards are given to campers and tribes.

This year's awards are as follows: Lucky Pennies to all 1st Year Campers: Heaven (Gracie) Jarvis, Garrett Frederick, Bronson Bennett, Paige Mangus, Josie Montgomery, Kaylin Parsons, Emily Sears, Jesse Kargol, Terra Lloyd, Isabella "Ellie" Stump, Jacob France, Madison Gribble, Macy Schoolcraft, Austin Coon, Cierra Hickman, Madison Allman, Christopher Kirkland, Carter Ritchie, Darla Harrison, Sarah Harrison, Kelcie Wilson, Parks Metheney, Samantha Shamblin, Levi Walker, Antonio Mattero, Dani Cunningham, Lexi Gregory, Dalton Cottrell, Justin Starcher, Selina Rush, Mary Barfield, Hayden Bennett and Claire Boggs.

Lucky Nickels to all 2nd year campers. The second year campers were: Dartagnan Atkinson, Bryson Montgomery, Cole Rogers, Adam Parsons, Shania Fischer, John Watkins, Dylan Anderson, Brandon Hall, Brent Anderson, Lexi Webb, Jordan Yoak, Jeremiah Smith, Bree Schoolcraft, Levi Gregory, Donna Richards, Monique Taylor, Kenny Harrison, Kelsey Jett, Ethan Settle, Bryer Metheney, Haley Murphy, Kassy Cottrell, Alec Crihfield and Turner Garretson.

Outstanding First Year Camper Award - Jesse Kargol and Ellie Stump, Jim Weaver Memorial Scholarship - Jesse Kargol, Homer and Icy Jones Memorial Scholarship - Ellie Stump, Tribal Loyalties; Cherokee - Kelsey Jett and Chris Goad, Delaware - Briana Cottrell, Mingo - Dylan Anderson and Seneca - Brogan Richards.

Outstanding Brave Awards went to: Dustin Deweese, Brandi Whited, Taylor Garrett, and Johnathan Taylor. Green and White Award: Hannah Burris, Nate Hipp and Dylan Deweese. Deanna Higgs Memorial Scholarship went to - Hannah Burris. The Jim and Brenda Jones Scholarship went to Nate Hipp. The Blue and Gold Award went to Holly Wilson. The Mary Helen Hartshorn Memorial Scholarship - Holly Wilson, Ruby Siers Memorial Scholarship to Alpha - Justin Siers, Charlie Whipkey Memorial Scholarship to Alpha - Dylan Deweese, Leaders Association Scholarships to Alpha - Kelsey Jett and Nate Hipp, Randal Jones Memorial Scholarship - Levi Gregory, Ronnie Erlewine Memorial Scholarship - $10 to each of the H's.

The last awards are the 4-H's and they were presented to: Heart H-Holly Wilson, the Head H-Kelsey Jett, the Hand H-Sam Brady and the Health H-Chris Goad.

This year's Spirit of Camp was Dylan Deweese who was also presented with the Sue Jones "Spirit of Camp Memorial Scholarship.

In Calhoun County, 4-H Camp would not be possible without the generous donation from our Sponsors. We would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their continued support of 4-H Programming in our County: Alfab, Inc., Ivy and Freda Yoak, Speedy Mart, Thomas Fox, Burkett Auto Body, R.p.R. Industries, Loren B. Howley, Houchin Construction, McIntosh Hardware, Inc.

Also John and Debbie Varda, Premier Bank, Roane General Hospital, Dr. Harry Anderson, Deidre and Martin Hobbs, Rush Run CEOS, Lewis Holloway, III, Chloe Auto and Hardware, The Sherriff of Calhoun County, Cain Oil and Gas, J & B Drug Store, VFW 5959, Calhoun Banks, John Oshoway, Minnie Hamiliton Health Care, Thomas F. Hardman, Shaffer and Shaffer, PLLC, Carol Sloane and Shannon Jones Johnson.

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