By Alvin Engelke

Jim Bush, Freddie Bush & associates have been in Creston putting up hay. Jim is recovering from his accident with the mule span & the bicyclist. Jim also noted that the hay crop was light this season.

The Mothman & Cap'n Spock took the 60 year anniversary tour at the Eramet plant near Marietta.

Rev. Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Nancy Engelke attended her brother-in-law Bill Welch's funeral in Peoria Illinois. In those parts the corn is starting to show stress from a lack of moisture.

The USDA (federal department of agriculture) said that signing up for food stamps can make you look & feel your best. The food stamp program is 78% of the "farm bill". Many have stated that if there are to be food stamps they shouldn't be used to purchase lobster tail, sirloin (fed to game roosters) and such but that the purchases should be restricted to flour, meal, dry beans, powered milk and rice. Under the new federal guidelines states that sign up more participants can get half a billion in bonuses from the taxpayers. There have also been a large number of ads touting the wonders of all the freebies under Obamacare.

Bill Russell's son was calling on Charles Russell on Saturday. Charles was also visiting brother Euell, Ray Gumm & Paris Parsons at Miletree. He also consulted his podiatrist and attended to business in Elizabeth.

Local folks are looking forward to the firemen's festival in Elizabeth on Saturday.

The big lawsuit by several Catholic entities forcing them un der Obamacare to violate their religious beliefs [pay for abortions, etc.] has been kept low key by the liberal media but the problem shows how "making deals with the devil" can get one into serious troubles. In the past "liberal Catholics" went along on the collective salvation and social justice doctrines promulgated by anti religious folks and now, halfway down the slippery slope some realize what has happened.

The fun continues as Broadway Joe, Earl Ray the puppy breeder and Nickie Joe, the fellow who looks after Arab interests, try to straddle the fence on backing the Big Eared One. Party rules require that obeisance be given to those who are out to destroy West Virginia agriculture, forestry, coal mining, oil and gas production and then, chemical production. The EPA man said "we crucify the first five . . . and then the rest don't cause us any trouble . . ." Such sure is the case when the state's elected officials do not stand up for West Virginia residents but just play along with the forces based down in the swamps along the lower Potomac.

Some suggested that Treasurer Perdue's decision might have been related to charges concerning Stimulus funds being given to him for land in Mason County for a welfare housing project for his buddy Mr. Pauley that was paid for by, guess what, Stimulus money.

Citing problems with the EPA, Webster County's last coal mine shut down as have many others elsewhere in the state making a joke of the reports that "mining and coal mining employment in the state are at record levels".

Sen Frank Deem said he would pay 8 times income for property located near the Ritchie County line on which he had wells that make less than one MCF/day. Of course the area is prime acreage for both the Marcellus and Utica zones. Noble paid CNX $7,100/acre for acreage in the area.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil is $79.06/bbl with drip (formerly called Appalachian Light Sweet) fetching $68.48, Marcellus & Utica light $71.07 and medium $80.56.

Mountaineer Gas, the local gas utility announced that they want to increase domestic gas prices paid by consumers. They had been purchasing natural gas for less than $2/MCF and they buy some for 20 cents/MCF. The company is said to be owned in large part by the California state retirement board (CalPERS).

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